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To my African American brothers, on The Zimmerman case, please don't let propaganda win again.

First I want to say it is very unfortunate that a young man died (RIP Trevon). Perhaps a future libertarian, but we will never know. But if one opens up their eyes eyes, It's no longer about Trevon BUT propaganda.

First propaganda is always, for the most part anyways, spread by the media. So here is were one has to take notice. The N word was made cool again (only for black people) mostly through music and cool movies. Ask yourself who has more control in these medias and is making more money than the actors and the musicians? The African Americans lost, the propagandist won.

This subconsciously made it easier for us to accept black on black killing (see again only black people) as another N word down. The African American lost and the propagandist won. Black on black killing should be the last thing acceptable. Decreasing our human race.

In conclusion, my question is. HOW MANY BLACK ON BLACK KILLINGS SHOULD HAPPEN BEFORE WE CAN MARCH AS WE DID FOR TREVON? (not trying to cheapen or lessen his death in any way) Please I need someone to tell me this answer. Cause as things stand now. The propagandist are winning, and we are losing. Time to wake up.

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I think a very large part of

I think a very large part of the problem is the fact that so many individuals are completely consumed with identifying with "groups" that individualism has been lost.

"African-American"? "Mexican-American"? "Asian-American"? "Italian-American"? "Martian-American"? "White"?... "White"? (what does that even mean, anyway?)

Americans live in America, not African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Asian-Americans, etc. Pandering to "groups" instead of individuals is harmful to the mental well-being of people. Group identity should be de-emphasized and removed from public schools, so long as there are public schools, and individual achievement should be emphasized.

I am not a GROUP and neither are YOU.

Can't agree more but....

I live in Canada and each time I apply for a job, there is a questionnaire asking me if I am a visible minority...

If the Zimmerman casa was about A did this and B did that, people would have a a different opinion. But once again is the system has won, it has always used divide and concur. In every Country by the way. See how people vote for a party and not one's Ideas.

That is why the message of Doctor Paul transcends party, racial, religious, geographic lines. Freedom brings people together.

Would be nice to see a national organization or group address

Not sure why that has to be a special interest group for blacks. Why not a special interest group concerned about freedom.

Why don't we make this happen in our cities?

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