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Artificial Outrage, Thugs Care less about Zimmerman Verdict. Just a License to Break the Law Using “Justice for Trayvon"

The people running around with the artificial phony outrage over the Zimmerman verdict need to count the cost. We have the best criminal justice system in the world. Why go out and wreak havoc that will destroy a system that will protect them to find them not guilty even though they are guilty as sin.

Just because the US Government and the self appointed black leaders give them a license to break the law because they did not get the verdict they wanted. Count the cost of your actions not only on your future. But also society as a whole. Is it worth the self destruction of black America, the demise of our once great republic? Just please count the cost.

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Much like when my I am rude to people

I am angry about something totally different.

People who are already angry will use this as an excuse to "Go off"

I think many of the "thugs" we see are slaves to a government created society that supports single parenthood, low values, irresponsibility, and Idol worship. The government will take care of you but you must do as they say.

Makes for a sucky life.

It's easier to find an innocent victim to blame than the Government.

It is our job as liberty patriots to first MODEL right behavior in our own lives.

This includes protecting yourself and your family from the displaced anger.

protest vs rioting plus "We

protest vs rioting


"We have the best criminal justice system in the world"
When its not being corrupted perhaps

Many black people have a racist mob mentality.

What happened when O.J. Simpson was acquitted? How many whites went out rioting in the streets demanding justice? None. You can call me racist but the facts are facts. It is the true racists who go out and relieve their frustrations on innocent bystanders based on their color at any perceived chance they get. They use race as a crutch and a weapon to get their way.

One thing you can say for Trayvon Martin is he went against the norm by confronting "whitey" on his own without his bros backing him up. That is some nerve rarely exhibited by "those people." Of that mind set that is.

I think I will stop their because people are conditioned to see the one way street of racism in every word spoken.

I don't agree

"Many black people"?

You're engaging in unfair generalizations also here. I think the media and constant repetition of "newsworthy" imagery gives the false impression that the ENTIRE WORLD is collapsing around us! This inflammatory reporting keeps viewers glued to their sets and clicking on web pages.

It's done so frequently BECAUSE IT WORKS.

funny you express it that way

that reminds me of what I felt watching the LA riots about 20 years ago...

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

Paid thugs

trying to create riots. Hardly anyone is buying into it.
Notice all the slithery things seem to crawl out of Florida? Maybe they escape from under Jeb Bushs' bed?

People can blast caps in your

People can blast caps in your ass for your thug behavior on people. The jury has spoken. Go pound Florida sand and get over it.

pound sand

and pull your dam draws up dipshit!!!!!!