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Anarchist/Minarchist Voluntary Arrangement

During elections, when we have a large number of potentially random visitors, I refrain from using words with "anarch" in them. I refrain from discussing the more extreme positions held by most of us.

I do this, because while we may vehemently disagree on things, I, in no way want to be held to account for potentially damaging their efforts.

That's me, self censoring, to benefit my allies. (And yes, despite some of the extreme arguments, we are allies).

It would also be nice if during the down times, when this site turns more toward education and away from elections, if anarchist ideals were not misrepresented as "chaos" or "utopian", or whatever the current label happens to be.

There was a post recently that asked about common ground.

Here is our common ground:
1) Both despise state atrocities carried out in our name.
2) Both would compromise their ideals if it meant less killing of innocents.
3) Both seek answers in new places for ancient questions.
4) Both are more intelligent than your average joe/jill.
5) Both share 90% of "policy" positions.
6) Both would agree that so long as we have a state, we want less state.

There is virtually nothing that we disagree on. Except. At some point, a minarchist may decide it is time to rest, while an anarchist will keep fighting for less state. That's all. And that time is very far off from where we are today.

So in the meantime, we can both work toward not damaging each others' effort. In addition, I hope we can be as respectful with each other as possible.

Just my two cents with all of the libertarian philosopher bashing going on at the moment.

P.S. I hesitated on posting this, because I haven't been perfect in my behavior either. But, who among us is, so I posted it anyway.