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I can't watch Dr.Who with Matt smith

He's unwatchable. I loved David Tennant and the show but this guy's face accent and everything else is horrible.

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I like Smith!

Granted, Tennant is still my favorite Doctor, but I still like Matt Smith! Give the Amy/Doctor duo a chance! The season 5 episode about Vincent Van Gogh was my favorite... made the tears flow, lol.

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You get used to him,

and then he gets better. Him and Amie are fantastic together!
He ended up being one of my favorites after a bumpy start.

I don't care for

him either. I loved Tennant, he's a tough act to follow. I really wanted to like this Dr but I don't care for Amy Pond, Rory or River Song, the only redeeming episodes have been the Weeping Angels, they're creepy as hell.

I can't watch a Dr. Who

Without Jon Pertwee or William Hartnell.

This new stuff is just fluff IMO.