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What is it with all this Zimmerman trial stuff?

Honestly I never really read anything about this trial except seeing headlines that I couldn't avoid. I don't get why these individual trials get so much media attention. Aren't there tons of trials and crimes every year in the US that no one ever knows about? I say just let the people involved in the trial figure it out. You gotta admit that a ton of attention and energy has been taken away from all the federal govt scandals and Snowden, and those are the things that are important politically and for mass knowledge. I suggest that at least people of the DP resist from focusing on this distraction. Even Drudge is lined with headlines about all this. It doesn't make sense to me. Have a nice day, and go Dr. Paul(s)!

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They are trying to distract us....

Not a huge Alex Jones fan, but sometime's he hits the bulls eye, and I believe he did here with his usual saying - when the news is dominated with something, they are trying to remove our attention from something. During this trial, SHTF in Syria and Egypt, and most are only talking about Zimmerman.

Major world news that includes our manipulation ignored, and a trial dominates the news. Hmmm...

I also have never even read one article about this trial. I just have been drawn to all the other articles no one is reading...

Couldn't agree more.

I just never could get into it.

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I'm So Glad I Ignored this Zimmerman Stuff

To this day, I don't know the details of what happened.

..and yes, why is Daily Paul all over this stuff?

It's irritating. Zimmerman? Skip. (repeat many times).


are right. Kids die every day. Trials happen every day. Shoot outs happen every day. This is media garbage and The Daily Paul seems to be all over it for some reason.

Everybody going to forget about the NSA, Benghazi, America giving guns to people who are Cannibals. And much much more.

I even caught at work on the TV that they have in the restroom. CNN showing Syrians supporting Trayvon Martin. They are indoctrinating people into liking these lunatics in Syria.

Also, all of this is gun control garbage. I bet they pull another gun control bill in a month from now. They will tell every one that this is revenge for Trayvon. I can see it now.

Nobody rioted when Casey Anthony murdered her child.

here you go


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Huge timewaster

What is the establishment distracting us from, I want to know?

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Upset the Established Order And everything becomes Chaos


His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Dunno But - Starting to Look Like a Lynch Mob

to me.....

This one got my attention

This one got my attention because the president of the united states himself got up on stage and directed people's hate towards zimmerman and presumed him guilty before there were even any charges. What happens if you defend yourself or your family and the president of the united states makes you out to be a murderer in front of the country.

From my perspective, we are all george zimmerman.

That sounds messed up

but still not gonna get my attention, I'd rather be reading books and sh*t.

I am Ron Paul

hatin on mechuixans

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