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Freep Photographer Arrested While Recording An Arrest

Even the Newspapers are not alowed to take pictures in this Police State.

DETROIT (WWJ/AP) - A Detroit Free Press photographer was taken into custody while shooting video of Detroit police making an arrest.

The newspaper says Mandi Wright — a Freep photographer for 15 years — was held for more than six hours Thursday and, at one point, was put in the same interrogation room as the 47-year-old male suspect.

Mandi Wright and Free Press reporter Kathleen Gray were on a video training session Thursday when they suddenly saw officers escorting a suspect to a police car. Wright, who said she was wearing media identification around her neck, pulled out her iPhone, apparently raising the ire of officers.

“I’m a journalist, working journalist,” Wright said.

“OK. I don’t care who you are,” the officer responded, according to the video.


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Finally cops not knowing that it's legal to film them comes home

Yet they have no problem having A&E on hand when one of their officers fires the shot that kills a seven year old girl during a SWAT raid.

Absolutely pathetic.