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Strange "Daily Paul" reference from article posted on LRC today

There is no hyperlink so I'm not sure what the author is referencing...maybe he was thinking of The Daily Bell?

EDIT: It WAS referencing the DP. After going to mises.org based on a comment below...here is the link:

As for land, The Daily Paul estimates that the federal government alone owns 30 percent of the land in the United States upon which sit military bases, government buildings, national parks and areas where human activity is banned. Though estimates for state and local government property ownership are less reliable, one can easily imagine the percentage to be at least a third of that controlled by the federal government, which means government at every level controls at minimum 40 percent of the land mass in the country.

Just like the Roman gazing at the wonder of the Colosseum during the times of Emperor Vespasian, citizens in countries around the world stare in awe at government buildings, the residences of presidents and monarchs, and monuments commemorating some national event or paying homage to a political figure. The building material, wiring, flooring, and equipment used for construction could have been used to make a good to satisfy the wants of the average person. We post pictures to Facebook pages showing us standing before grandiose government buildings, but we never see the other side of the coin: someone doing without, because the resources that could have served his needs were embedded in a tribute to state arrogance.

Politicians and central bankers say the cure for our current economic conditions is vibrant economic growth. But how can you have economic growth when a good portion of our labor, land, and capital is tied to endeavors that produce nothing? The average Roman citizen 2,000 years ago would probably nod in agreement.


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charters and monopolies

tax paddocks and port certificates

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

Wouldn't doubt it. Think

Wouldn't doubt it. Think about how much land and natural resources belong to the British royal family. They don't even let you hunt on it!

Southern Agrarian