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MSNBC Video: Professor Who Said, 'Black People Can't Be Racist' Spews Racism

MSNBC Video: Professor Who Said, 'Black People Can't Be Racist' Spews Racism


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"He Hate Me"

It was quite funny at the time..

There was an area football player a few years ago, XFL star and Carolina Panther Rod Smart. On the back of his football Jersey, instead of his real name he had "he hate me" placed there instead..


maybe he longs for

negro toilets / water fountains
I know I miss em too !

I Remember Those Days Well..

I went to school with alot of minorities in the fifties and sixties and never, ever did i have an issue with my friends in those days.

It wasn't until the media began to flame the fires of racism did i began to notice a change.

This time in america is hard because of the economy. So many people, black, white, brown and purple all out of work and living on Obamacare (Food stamps and Welfare)


Oops! Did I say purple?

Saying "black people can't be racist" is just as ignorant

as saying "black people can't be doctors, CEOs, President, etc.".

John Brown's body lies a smirkin'

Wow! That's some of the craziest, and perhaps the most incindiary spewage I've heard from the mouth of an "intellectual" in my lifetime. Dyson's a race warrior issuing pep talk to the troops before battle. He's in that age range of those too young to have directly participated in the noble efforts of those in the 50s and 60s who creatively pioneered a relatively nonviolent paradigm to help advance eradication of racial disparity. Perhaps he's nostalgic for the glory of a previous generation. Unfortunately the only thing left for creativity these days [in the wake of success from the previous generation] in attempt to partake of similar glory as a racial leader, is to set the stage, stir the masses, rekindle the tension to a level matching that of fifty years prior. Reverse engineering?

Somewhat similar to the checks and balances of separation of powers in government, fifty years ago intellectuals and provocateurs were more effectively separated, a stage set for playing toward a relatively greater sanity. As the intellectuals have become provocateurs and the provocateurs intellectual, a relatively greater insanity rears its head.

Whatever his intent, Dyson's "The reality is you got to act now... Do something bold... Not until, and unless, the number of white kids died that approximate the number of numbers of blacks and other kids who died will America see... I think the Attorney General will look at this, and I think it's time for him to act!" is effectively the most virtually destructive statement I've ever heard broadcast on public airwaves! :(

Today's Dyson would not have been given a mainstream platform fifty years ago. It seems we've regressed somehow in spirit to the insanely crazed days of John Brown.

He wants white people to be

He wants white people to be submissive to black people.

Obviously a product of the

Obviously a product of the public school system.

no hate

in his heart... much

He is illogical

to the point of insanity.

did that guy just advocate genocide from executive action?

wtf is going on here when extremists are allowed to spew propaganda to millions and invoke tyranny towards Kings to attack constitutional laws normative to American life and liberty.

this is pure supply side thinking and should amount to incitement under the law of which these "pundits" are agents to these media congos that claim to be race neutral.

This CERTAINLY has a discriminatory impact by inciting imminent lawlessness.

where is the remedy? lets talk to the Fla. legislature about that.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

Ignorance. Period.

Honestly, we need to drop this MSM distraction BS. They cherry-pick content to show the masses and get them all worked up and divert the attention off of WAY MORE important issues we're facing.

Let's stop being suckers for the Establishment Media. Please

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Holder and Obama: The Real Criminals Destroying Our Liberty

They want us to believe people like Zimmerman is so bad for defending against getting his head bashed in. Truth is Obama and Holder are the real criminals and all of this crap on Tv is just a distraction from all the criminal activity that is going on and ignored by our controlled media propaganda machine...