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A Million Ben Swann's in the making

I stumbled across this and found it fascinating for the Liberty Movement!

I only wish I'd seen it before the July 1st cutoff, perhaps next year.

Fall Journalism Paid Internship

The Institute for Humane Studies offers paid media and journalism internships for liberty-oriented individuals who support free markets. Spend eight weeks with one of our host organizations where you will gain experience and expand your professional network. Past interns have worked at newspapers, media networks, new media firms, and nonprofit newsrooms including the DC Examiner, The New York Sun, National Post, and The Daily Caller.

Key program features:
• $3,200 stipend for an eight-week internship
• Travel allowance to get to the internship
• Job placement assistance from the program director, a former journalist

Institute for Humane Studies

The Hayek fund awards grants to aspiring academics pursuing liberty-advancing careers and educational initiatives that go beyond standard curricula.

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Jobs in the Liberty Industry

Interesting! Post one or search for opportunities


One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul