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Michael Hasting Engine in Front of Car (NOT Behind It)

►See for yourself.

RAW footage now released Engine shot at 4:56 mark


The fire trucks (if you watch the vid) came up the same side of the road, same direction as Michael's car was traveling.. then stopped, shy of the wreck, and began pumping and spraying the fire.

In the engine shot... you are staring into their headlights...
you (the camera angle) are on the opposite side of the street;
the ONCOMING/OPPOSING street that runs parallel..
AHEAD of the accident
looking BACKWARD
toward the wreck with the engine at your feet.

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This might be a dumb question

This might be a dumb question but, did more than one part come out of the car? I went thru some vids before and had that in the back of my mind but have not done any investigating myself.

Here ya go...


I am slightly curious about Mr. Hasting's driving habits.


I think the Spanish speaker was trying to say the car started spinning before impact.

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I'm looking now for an interview of him.

Good eye.

I need to look into things a little more here... like who was behind the video--- he had a radio. And I need to find the interview of the Spanish speaking guy.
I wish I could've seen that crime scene for myself.

where was his body..

my>> the car must have been going over 100 mph ..was he known to have a history of speeding or other moving violations on record ?? hard to imagine the engine got separated like that...

His friends and family say

he drove like a 'grandma.' He wasn't a big drinker. The car was speeding big time, and at least one witness says they heard an explosion *before* it hit the tree. The body was in the car. Michael Hastings' body has since been cremated by the authorities without his family's consent.

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Casual observer of this particular issue but,

Does anyone know of any further or more detailed interviews with the guy who claimed to see it but only spoke some English?

Are there any witness statements collected by police from that individual who claimed to have seen it that have been obtained and made available to the public?


I have been a browser for a longtime and decided to join so that I could comment.

I realize that the video is confusing for some people to understand. It is the nature of video. I work in film and video production and have been an editor for over 10 years so I am used to looking and videos.

The reason it can be confusing is because normally there is a rule in film making called "crossing the line" and as an editor or director you would not want to do this unless you show the audience that you have moved the camera to the other side. If you do not do this and just cut to another shot "crossing the line" then often times you will confuse the audience on the layout of a scene.

This is what is happening in the video. That is why you are correct to identify objects that don't move to show the true location.

Also, when reviewing the footage I made a note not to assume that the car was traveling in any direction until I could verify it. If you watch Jose in the interview he will point in the direction that the car was coming from. Then notice that in the background is the debris field scattered in the direction of the momentum of the car.

This info does not however prove or disprove that there could have been a prior explosion or other incident that caused the crash or fire. All it does is show that the engine was in fact in the line of the trajectory of the car hitting the tree and not before the impact with the tree.

Thanks for the warm welcome! I didn't expect the comment to even get noticed, honestly.

About 20 yrs or so ago I lost control speeding southbound..

in nearly the same spot and time. I ended up on the meridian facing north bound between the giant palms. I was definitely speeding. I was driving a late 80's Alpha Romeo spider veloce. My engine sparked after the first bump as the oil pan bottomed out. I do not know if I spun first or changed directions after i hit the curb. These cars had tires thin like a bike's. I lost control because I was doing @least 85(that's as high as the speedo registered) thin tires, wet street and the large dips in the road. Certainly they were large years ago for such a small car w/small bald tires.I couldn't drive off of the wet grass and the ditch I'd created in the grass for hours. I do not have any answers just a story to tell. My story has no explosions no body after me, just an idiot and a sports car. I wonder what happened to Mr. Hastings. I just remembered this and thought I'd share that it is possible to lose control driving way too fast down Highland. I lived on Highland/Olympic @the time. I wish I still did. Anyhow there's my 2cents. Apparently the security camera @ Pizzeria Mozza caught the crash or part of it. You can read about it on WhoWhatWhy. Seacrest Out!

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Good chance Hastings was not

Good chance Hastings was not wearing his seat belt. I see nothing suspicious about this accident other than the timing, since there have been reports he was working on a story. But he was a journalist, so that wouldn't really be out of the ordinary.

I disagree strongly...

There is EVERY reason to be suspicious...
all this rules out (for me) is the engine breaking the rules of momentum...


This post had 20 people looking at it for (2) 10 min periods...
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I offered no commentary about it one way or the other..
to see what would happen.

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We're curious in groups aren't we? Stock markets love it.. heh heh.

I'll just say.. if I was the PI for the widow... I'd want to know shit like this... wouldn't I?
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Looks like both transmission

Looks like both transmission and oil pans sheared the bolts off the bottom of the block. That's a good sign the the bottom of the engine made contact with the curb just before impact.

Help me out.

What is the point of this post? Does it matter whether it's in front of or behind the final resting place of the vehicle?

Isn't the obvious main point of exclamation that the engine is not INSIDE the vehicle.

How does the engine get separated from the car??? Except by an explosion from within the vehicle. I'm sure Mercedez Benz will agree that their engines don't make it a habit of coming lose or being expelled from the car in even hard core collision accidents.

Furthermore, eye witnesses said they heard the sound of an explosion first and then see a fiery ball of fire (the car) coming to rest at its final resting spot, next to a tree.

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Glad to help out underdog

This post is very significant because there has been a lot of chatter about the engine being found some distance behind the car wrapped around the tree.

It would be extremely odd for an engine to come out of a car before it wrecks. However, if a car was blown apart before it wrecked (hit a tree) then perhaps the engine would reasonably detach from the car and be found some distance behind the point the car suddenly, violently stopped.

This post is significant because it cautions us not to hastily repeat "facts" of which we have no inkling of their veracity. The engine behind the car fits very well with a foul play scenario. It is tempting to pick up and run with any bit of erroneous info that supports the conspiracy theory. This is unwise. When the bad information is eventually discredited, so is the entire conspiracy theory and everyone that has otherwise good reasons to buy into the theory.

There is more than enough about this story to raise a huge amount of suspicion of foul play. We don't need to discredit ourselves and take momentum from what should be an outcry for an exhaustive, fully disclosed investigation of this very curious event by repeating falsehoods about the circumstances of the event. It doesn't help.

Ragdollop has done anyone interested in facts and truth a very kind service by pointing out an important detail, albeit inconvenient for conspiracy promotion.

Make sense?

Mercedes Benz cars are All made

FYI.....so that on head-on COLLISIONS, the engines all DROP DOWN to the ground.

All of their cars are made this way. I was in the car business prior, this I know for a fact.


I think Honda has been designing their cars that way for years too. I think they refer to them as "crumple zones". The car bends in pre-determined places and the engine drops out the bottom...or something like that.

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In the Youtube 'still' shot (above)in the OP..
If you were to walk up the sidewalk (to your left)
and keep walking... you would find the engine
at your feet
by the curb.
Then turn around and look back toward the accident
and stare into the headlights of the fire trucks.
That is the camera angle at the 5:06 mark in the LoudLabs video.