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Rand Paul: Obama has "much less regard for civil liberties" than George W. Bush

Full Interview - Rand Paul on Civil Liberties July 17, 2013


►The Interview was hosted by Freedomworks

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Im sorry, but im just gonna

Im sorry, but im just gonna say it, i dont like Rands politicians hand signs, ive seen to many unstrustworthy politicians use the same technic, not calling rand unstrustworthy, i have just associated that with that, i just dont trust folks who think they need to "learn" to gain support, rather then just being their own person, and people supporting them for being THAT person.......i dont rule out folks who inocently without thought with no honest malice do "politician hand signs", but the assoiciation will always stand with me........they can still show through action, what i mistrust through manerisms, assuming they havent gone the other way

Im just saying, from the heart, unscripted over "politicians hand signs" and teleprompters/letters.....rands got one down, or at least hes working his way there


Such a breath of fresh air!

This video is an oasis of sanity, perfect for such a hump day in the midst of an otherwise densely depressive provision of perilous posts. Thanks!


I know... was part of the GOP co op of the Teaparty..
a la Koch Bros. and Dick Armey, Bill Bennett, Jack Kemp neocon crew.
We shall see if 'Freedom' brings people together...
Civil Rights is a good place to start (educating).