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I Call On The DOJ To Investigate Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton For HATE Crimes

I Call On The DOJ To Investigate Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton For HATE Crimes

The so called Reverends (Rear Ends) Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are clearly communist subversives. I accuse the above mentioned persons of HATE CRIMES and their attempted activities to foment rioting and criminal actions among the black or minority communities.

I therefore, call upon The United States Justice Department (DOJ) to investigate and need be arrest the above mentioned persons for sedition against the United States of America and its citizens.

Specifically, I accuse Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton of instigating the white, black and hispanic peoples of America to engage in the chaos of race rioting, murder, mayhem resulting in the possible destabilization of the U.S. and its laws of civility..

Much Obliged,

"E". Malvini
U.S. Citizen
San Jose California

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I recently read 'ShakeDown' a biography on Jackson

and after reading it, I cannot fathom how this man is not in prison with his son and daughter-in-law.

It really exposes how brutally corrupt he is.

Yes he literally hi-jacked MLK's civil rights campaign after his death.

To give you an idea how pathetic he is, Jackson was nowhere in sight of MLK when he was assassinated. However, after approaching his dead body at the Memphis hotel, rubbed MLK's blood on his sweater, then Jackson shouted for everybody to "not talk to the media", then proceeded to go in front of the camera's himself, with tears in his eyes and blood on his sweater. He then told the media "Martin Luther King Jr died in my arms"

and that was the beginning of his career!

BTW, MLK despised Jesse Jackson

Link to book and Amazon reviews here

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Can't we just ignore

Can't we just ignore them???

I'm so tired of this mindless distraction the msm is pushing on us. Can't we just ignore them?

I don't think we can ignore

I don't think we can ignore them because they are putting lives at risk. People have already been killed in the name of Trayvon. There is also a large population that does listen to these race baiting manipulators. If we ignore them, who will combat the lies, racism, and brainwashing?

Maybe That has Been The Problem All Along

We have ignored the problem too long and now we are at the cross-roads..Do we keep ignoring the problem or do we deal with it like men and women who love there country and don't want subversives like Jackson, Sharpton, Obama and Holder to bring it down..


I just don't think Jackson, Sharpton, Obama and Holder are

the problem. They are small players and if they get taken down some other tyrant is waiting in the wings to replace them. We need to make systemic changes. We need, IMO, to just start ignoring them.

yo ass

gone be on hold till ....................................................................................................................................

Or maybe

I thought he might get a letter from DOJ saying that "blacks can not be racists" because they're in a minority group.