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While the US gets Snowjobed, Israel's Tech is Shining Globally

While the USA is all freaked out about Snowden and NSA, wanting to shut everything down, Israel is doing exactly the opposite.

The difference is, Israel KNOWS how to do it right, so they are advancing while we're break dancing, I mean protesting, I mean rioting, I mean tagging public property with "Dear Russia, SET SNOWDEN FREE ALREADY!"



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Edward Snowden has released

Edward Snowden has released classified secret documents on Israel's nuclear weapons stock piles. They have over 300 of them.

That's not classified

That's a fact.

Any Nation within 2K miles of Israel toss a nuke and the ME turns to black glass.

Keep Believing That Old Myth

You really believe the nuclear bomb is Israel's greatest defense? That's decades-old propaganda. The reality is Israel is a convenient pawn of the power elite. Once they have outlived their strategic substance toward fueling the development of weapons in general for the military industrial complex, they are history.

With all due respect, it's the hatred for Israel that profits the few. The threat of nuclear retaliation by Israel is irrelevant and non-existent. The real threat to Israel is if the region becomes insignificant from a basic weapons development standpoint. And the world is a very big place. A God-Less man cares nothing about tradition or religion. He only cares about money and the power it wields.


It's one hell of a land mine they have there with 300 nukes. If you hated your neighbor and wanted to take them out and knew that by taking them out it would take you out, would you take them out?

A suicide bomber would.

Is that your mentality?

Israel is not pawn. MSM may have you belive that, but from my research that is far from the truth. The few who benefit are those who are not afraid to seek the truth and go where MSM tells you not to go. Don't go to AIPAC.. HATE AIPAC, you may empower yourself, and why do that, when you can be a happy pawn of MSM?

Israel cares about it's SOVREIGNITY and the right for it's people to make their own decisions, for their businesses to make their own choices who they deal with,, Israel protects the rights of their people. Something we, who has more nukes should consider.

I agree. Israel could stand

I agree. Israel could stand down any countries nuclear threat by themselves.


They don't need or want US to help with conflicts, they want trade, and we're missing the boat ignoring them.

I'm waiting for YouTube to cut this vid.. most vids from news of Israel US cuts within hours. But the RT and Press TV vids about Palestine stay up front for months.

They want trade - Ha! Did you

They want trade - Ha! Did you mean "AID" All funds are fungible. Are we giving aid to Palestine? No. In fact we won't even recognize their existence as a state. Do you think we should be giving aid to aggressor nations? Remember Israel's the one perpetuating this fight: if they would agree to the original border agreements, quit leveling neighborhoods to expand, sign on to the NPT, never bomb Gaza again, quit the propaganda campaign against Iran, and respect international law regarding human rights maybe we should support them - until then we should regard them as the "Rogue State" they are.

NO I did not mean AID

It is the surrounding nations that want AID and with that AID, Israel points out that it is funding the nation of Islam that wants to wipe Israel AND America off the map, and control the word, they already have the majority in the UN, which the USA funds MORE than any country as an individual.

You have to go past MSM headlines and actually look at and read the SOS budget to find this out. The information is out there.

I agree with Ron Paul, we need to stop ALL the funding, and Israel is fine with that.

Israel is NOT perpetuating any fight. The UN is.

If they agree to what original boarder?

In the Yom Kippor war, Israel WON the ENTIRE area of "modern Palestine, post ottoman empire. THEY GAVE GAZA (what could be a Hong Kong in the ME, and the West bank back). They didn't have to do that. They did it because they did not come to Israel to dominate, but to escape the purging of Jews from nations that BLAME Jews, just as many here have swallowed the propeganda that led to the holocast.

Israel agreed to the 1948 borders and Islam REFUSED.

Gaza tosses rockets at Israel every week and when they hit a mushav and destroy farms or a business, Israel IN DEFENSE fights back.

Why don't YOU quit the propeganda campaign and learn the TRUTH? Too busy, or is it too conveinent to go along to get along?

They are NOT a rogue state. You are siding with dictatorships, Sharia laws, the UN, none that respect your rights.

So goes Israel, so goes the USA. If you think for ONE moment that the Nation of Islam is your friend, you don't KNOW the nation of Islam. My guess is you don't KNOW much, but you FEEL a great deal and want peace.

So if I kick you out of your home and won't give you a place to live in the name of peace, will you accept my peace offering? If you don't move off your land, I'm going to bomb you, I don't care if you have bigger bombs.. your bigger bombs are the EXCUSE all the neighbors want you off your property.. doesn't matter that you grew forests, grow gardens, provide schools and hospital care.. we don't like you because you do not believe in our God and Our God's laws, so we want you OUT. So you can go and have peace, or we will NEVER stop propegandizing about you and NEVER give you peace.

Are you going to leave?