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"I have never seen a car explode like that."

Regarding the Michael Hastings crash:

As we talked to the police, a Mozza employee named Gary, who has been staying at a small apartment above the restaurant, approached us to say that he had heard the crash.

“I heard a ‘whoosh,’ then what sounded like a bump and then an explosion,” he said. “I thought the building had been hit.”

He said he rushed down and saw the car ablaze. Gary listened as two men who claimed to have witnessed the crash told police the car had sped through a red light at Melrose.

Later, when the pizzeria manager arrived at work, we watched the security camera footage. There’s no wonder it was a fatality. The crash ended with a hellish explosion and fire. The officer, watching the video with us, was as stunned as we were. He said, “I have never seen a car explode like that.”

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Either a drone or a remote-controlled throttle.

Or some such device.

But not just a routine wreck.

He ruffled too many feathers with the truth.

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someone who has played with and raced remote controlled vehicles since childhood, I can tell you it is extremely hard to get a R/C car to line up with and hit a ramp (or whatever) It's certainly not impossible though..I suspect an old fashioned car bom8 though.

My understanding is that it was a "coupe" that was involved in this incident. If you look over the features of the coupe you'll see a feature where the car detects it is veering into another lane, but rather than taking control of the steering wheel, it applies brakes to one of the wheels to make it veer back. I'm sure the opposite could be achieved remotely.

From Mercedes:

Active Lane Keeping Assist
With technology that monitors ordinary road markings, Lane Keeping Assist helps detect unintended drifting off-course, and alerts the driver by vibrating the steering wheel. If the driver continues to drift, it can apply the brake to a single rear wheel to help guide the car back into its lane

The whole thing stinks to high heaven. Hell, we don't even know if it was actually Hastings because the body was supposedly cremated before an autopsy.

One thing that stood out to me were the looks on the firefighters' faces immediately after the fire was extinguished. They looked like they hadn't seen a car do that either. But now fire and police are supposedly under a gag order.

I want to see that video

I want to see that video

So where's the video?

I find it disingenuous to write an article about being in possession of video evidence that captures the entire accident, to offer an interpretation of what that evidence shows, and then not release it to the public.

I call BS!

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Thank you...

good write-up.. boots on the ground stuff.