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Tucson cop arrested, fired for pulling gun on gas station clerk

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - They are trained to serve and protect, and yet another Tucson cop is in cuffs.

This time he is accused of pulling a gun on a gas station clerk, and it's all caught on camera.

Kyle McCartin, a Tucson cop charged with two counts of aggravated assault, was released to pretrial services Tuesday night.


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Why All The Outrage?

Other than violating some firearm safety rules, this cop was merely making more visually explicit for us the fact that we live every moment of our lives with all sorts of weapons pointed at us so that we comply with all the edicts of the state. The difference between this cop and a cop with a holstered firearm is a mere 3/4 of a second. At least his finger was off the trigger and pointed straigt along the frame of the gun.
He probably belongs to a SWAT or special enforcement unit where they spend large amounts of time in peoples' homes with their weapons pointed at parents, kids, pets, and the elderly while ordering everyone around and generally having a bully good time. His convenience store performance was just par for the course with him.

Cops that break the law

should suffer the same consequences that the average citizen should. I'm tired of seeing cops breaking the laws and getting a slap on the wrist. Someone needs to start a citizens grand jury and find a prosecutor that will convict him.

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Google is government.

Off duty with a bullet proof vest on?

That's very strange behavior, I wonder if this cop was drug tested?

I would imagine he is at least drunk.....


What I wonder is, what if a law-abiding citizen had pulled their firearm and taken him out? Or the LAC injured him, and the cop shot and killed the LAC? So many different scenarios.

The main thing to point out is this cop has no regard for another human's life. This proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Don't believe it

He loses job in exchange for no charges. Within 90 days the union will have him in uniform probably with an agency so close he won't even have to move.
Probably a local NSA office, cops like these have a future.../ sarc


Liberty = Responsibility