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Will Ron Paul’s Increasingly Bizarre Business Empire Hurt Rand’s Chances in 2016?

New York Magazine thinks so.

Apparently not content with a quiet retirement, former Texas congressman Ron Paul is expanding and diversifying his libertarian cottage industry with the launch of a new online television network, the Ron Paul Channel.

The subscription-only network, which is set to air sometime next month, is an entrepreneurial attempt by Paul to corner part of the growing — and increasingly lucrative — conspiracy-theory media market currently dominated by Glenn Beck and Alex Jones. Running under the tagline "Turn Off Your TV. Turn on the Truth," the channel promises to give viewers the news they would "never be shown" by the lame-stream media.

"We're seeing the end of the era and the beginning of the new one," Paul prophesies in a teaser video. "The lying, conniving, and collusion between those who give us our news and information and the government — that's going to change." It is, in essence, a scheme to monetize the suspicion and distrust of his army of Internet-savvy, conspiracy-minded followers. In the abstract, it is a brilliant business move for a recently retired politician who refused, on ideological grounds, to participate in the congressional pension system.

The complication is that Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul, is emerging as a serious candidate for the White House in 2016 and is making a concerted effort to distance himself from the fringe views and associations upon which his father built a career and a following. Ron Paul's refusal to retreat quietly to the farm — and his penchant for going off-script — escalates the already-present risk that his antics may begin to create real problems for Rand’s nascent campaign effort.

Read on.

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Profit-making communication on the internet is "bizarre" . . .

. . . to the idiocracy. Especially if it contains genuine political discussion, rather than the debased trivial "discourse" that currently poisons the airwaves and cable systems. Okay, got it. Thanks for the insight!

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels


oh, transparently stirring up drama. The problem is, some people eat this stuff up.

Defend Liberty!

I was going to, and may have, said this during the 2012 prez run

that letting Ron escape the fold was a big mistake. The system should have made him president. This would have made it easier to control him. Now he's a loose cannon and they are now forced to react to him a la hit pieces like this.

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Will the increasingly bizarre

attacks of the establishment media shills kill their credibility once and for all???

Who cares? Wouldn't it be

Who cares? Wouldn't it be more effective to throw your support behind Justin Amash?

Clearly wishful thinking

that Ron would go quietly into retirement. Bwah-ha-ha-haah...

Being a Ron Paul kook myself, I never once heard him even hint at quiet retirement. In fact he said, "Now that I'm leaving congress, I won't be as restrained."

No, it won't be Ron that hurts Rand, it'll be the usual suspects, the same ones who hurt Ron: GOP party and MSM.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

I'm right with you.

I was a Ron Paul fan long before it was cool :) I would vote for him today. That being said, he is much more valuable unencumbered by the political BS. He should start giving paid speeches that I am sure would rake in millions for his Campaign for Liberty.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free

The DP is becoming a distraction from real Ron Paul...


Most of the false flags, disinformation, and garbage hawked as news and journalism, is nothing but distraction designed by a very chess savvy CFR! This article is another, and so is it's discussion, intended or not!

What are the CFR, and their fellow globalist travelers, so nervous about letting enter the public domain of discussion?

For what will they sacrifice nearly every socialist and communist principle, even to the degree of purporting to support conservative candidates, to keep off the news and public channels of discourse?

What are they willing to go to war to hide, blow up anything necessary to hide, collapse any economic entity, destroy any constitutional mandates, break any oath taken, all to keep to a whisper and out of public dialogue?

What to them is worth the lives of millions around the world, dozens in US schools, sacrifice of the youth as fodder in evil and illegal actions around the globe, and the fiat fake props holding the stock market up like a dried out garden's scare-crow?

It is easy to find out. It is not at all hard to fathom!

The most evil of entities had it's untimely birth 100 years ago. It has fueled all that has caused the loss of the Republic, all that has been stolen in labor and wealth, all the vulgar power lusted after and acquired, for the last 100 years world wide.

The real possibility of it's tumultuous but necessary untimely death is upon us this year!

The slogan they want erased entirely from all public consciousness, and are willing to 'burn Rome' to accomplish that deception, is:






Ron Paul 2016! Get used to it!

To think people read this stuff!! LOL

Libertarianism is a "cottage industry" ? ROFLMAO!!!! Wow...them New Yorkers really, really don't understand anything, do they?

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

libiterian industrial complex???

Can't stop laughing at that one!!!
Sounds a damn site better than the Military Industrial Complex, that's for sure.
Power to you Doc, I hope you stick it to the Establishment. Just don't employ Bruce Fein as your lieyer...sorry, lawyer.

some people need to learn how to balance their emotions!

Ron Paul and Rand Paul all the way!

Lying, conniving? Thy name is Bilderberger Peter Thiel

Let's return to the Constitution and reinstate tariffs, Ron Paul. Our Founding Fathers intended that tariffs be the primary means of funding the federal government. We're onto your game of carrying water for the globalists.

Just get everybody to never

Just get everybody to never vote for a incumbent, a democrat or a republican. Your tariff problem will solve itself. It seems to me that you chose this underhanded way to disparage Dr. Paul. Your opinion though, is yours to propagate, do not expect lots of support.

care to interpret

what you said here klaus7 for us less informed?
You lost me.
Not the tariffs part. The Ron Paul globalist part.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

Happy to

Ron Paul's biggest campaign contributor was Bilderberg steering committee member Peter Thiel, who believes that libertarians should be relegated to floating islands. The Bilderberg connection is not accidental. The Pauls are being sponsored by the globalist elite to divert the liberty movement to achieve the goals of the globalist elite. I ask you -- does Ron Paul have more allegiance to the Constitution, or does he have more allegiance to the Austrian School, which was founded by the Rothschilds? I submit his true allegiance is to the Austrian School, and he uses the Constitution as a cloak like a matador to draw us in. For example, the Founding Fathers intended that tariffs be the primary means of funding the federal government. What is the Pauls' stance on tariffs? They side with the globalists against tariffs. The only 2 reasons given historically for the imposition of the income tax in America was to pay for war (the Civil War) and to pay for tariff reductions. Therefore, if we end the military-industrial complex and reinstate tariffs, we can eliminate the income tax without replacing it with another tax. Ron Paul got the bring the troops home part right, but like every other leader the elite trot out for us, he comes bearing a message that is half right (to catch our interest) and half wrong (to achieve the globalist elites' agenda). Ultimately, only the half the globalists want gets enacted into law, and the other half never gets enacted.

im not prepared to argue this . . but . . .

let's assume you're correct.

any "movement" needs a leader. Who would you suggest the Liberty movement get behind if not Dr. Paul?

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

Lead yourself

First, it is important to see the whole battlefield and know thyself. Alan Watt of Cutting Through the Matrix and RBN is the best source I can think of to learn from how to think, how to see the battlefield, how to see what you are up against. He is apolitical. I love Alex Jones and his energy, but he has a weakness for the Pauls, even though he said he would never have the Pauls on again after Ron dropped out and Rand endorsed Romney. As a counterweight to Alex, listen to Webster Tarpley on GCN World Crisis Radio. He comes from an "FDR is good" perspective, certainly something that makes my flesh crawl, but his knowledge of history is a wealth of information. Alex used to have Tarpley on all the time, but once Tarpley exposed Ron Paul as Romney's wingman, Jones hasn't had him on.

To be against tariffs

is simply consistent with free trade, the Austrian school.

The choice is yours

The Austrian School, funded by the bankster Rothschild, globalist extraordinaire, is indeed against tariffs. The Constitution, authored by the Founding Fathers, is indeed for tariffs. You make the call. Choose the pied piper sent by the banksters to con you, or choose your Founding Fathers, who gave you your heritage.

P.S. Take it from a German -- when the Rothschilds send you an Austrian to change your government, shut the door and don't look back.

Sorry, logic wins

Tariffs are protectionism for connected cronies with the unconnected paying the price...usually the lowly masses. Tariffs were used to subjugate the Southern states and that economic tyranny contributed greatly to the war. I knew this before I ever heard of Mises. And my "heritage", as you call it, was stolen decades before I was born, before my mother was born. The Constitution was a coup, the Articles worked just fine. Lincoln did away with consent of the governed and instituted the total state..in spite of the Constitution. The Federalists required the Constitution to creat a mercantilist economy with a privileged class like in good old Britain. Patrick Henry was right to smell a rat.

Is it just me...

...or is this site becoming so pro Rand Paul, that it's anti Ron Paul?

Uh, yeah

The site is being turned into a Neocon clone site, thank you Rand. Granger, the Neocon plant, is outright trashing Ron.

Nah... It's just the usual divide and conquer bs.

Anything to take our eyes and minds away from the truth and what really matters.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

The New York Magazine said it, the poster didn't


Not sure why all the down votes. Yes we know the article sucks but, the poster just posting for everyone to see. I guess the elites are starting the bashing on Rand now.

Oh yeah...Dr. Paul should

Oh yeah...Dr. Paul should just quietly retire instead of using every resource to advance the cause of liberty and information about our government and economy to the people. They claim such endeavors are a 'business empire' and a conspiracy theory media market??? Sheesh they must feel really threatened.

What's so bizzare about a school curriculum

and an internet news channel, I wonder. Well, I guess if they repeat that enough times it becomes true.

No need for downvotes...

It's just good intel.

Just comment to them

That Hillary is making way more cash at her endeavors - that zips thier flaps

I suspect Dr. Paul has no

I suspect Dr. Paul has no need for additional revenue, rather it is of pure heart and desire to further the causes he has championed all these many years that this TV media comes into play. What a snide and deceitful article this is, pulling everyone down to the level of profit before all. And there is nothing 'fringe' about freedom, though you would think it is the most naive idea imaginable reading the conclusion of this piece of news.