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Early this year, I decided to push away from my computer more often and become more active educating the ignorant and apathetic, who walk among us.

Many of our neighbors, and yours, do not have computers and high speed connections to the truth. Yet, they too, need to have access to the information we all now receive via the net.

This is especially true if we are interested in maintaining the proper role of government as constrained by the Constitution and maintaining the God-given-rights described in the Declaration of Independence.

One of the steps I took was purchasing a hi-speed DVD/CD duplicator and several disc printers. I have since made many copies of FREEDOM TO FASCISM ( which contains Ron Paul clips about the Federal Reserve, the Income Tax and the coming Police State) and made them available to friends, neighbors, police, sheriff deputies and others.

Many on my e-mail list have asked for copies of cutting edge videos like FREEDOM TO FASCISM, TERROR STORM, THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION, KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, CONFESSION OF AND ECONOMIC HITMAN, IRAQ WAR PROFITS and others I am still working on.

I was contacted recently by a gentleman who wants to build a Ron Paul clips DVD for my site. I am very excited about that idea and hope to have the master soon. Please, note that I charge only one dollar and make little or no profit. This is a labor of love.

Ron Neil


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