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Beware of Boehner’s Backstabbing Two Faced Moves on Amnesty and Illegal Immigration to Shut Down Opposition?

It will not take much getting Republicans to cross over with the Democrats to pass the Amnesty bill. Boehner saying the bill will not pass to put Americans asleep could be a tactic so opposition cannot form against the bill in time to defeat the bill like in the past. They know there will be a public backlash; this is why they are trying to get this under the radar.

The saga of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, the NSA spying and Benghazi might be a diversion. But I say while these issues are on the front page. Look the other way to make sure Amnesty does not pass under the radar. This is a move so no opposition can come together in time to defeat this bill one more time. Do not trust what Boehner says. I do not trust him at all. Do you trust his words that amnesty will not pass?

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