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Caltech Scientists Find Evidence Of Ancient Ocean On Mars

Caltech Scientists Find Evidence Of Ancient Ocean On Mars

If it existed, the ocean could have covered nearly a third of the red planet and may have harbored life, researchers said.

By Samantha Tata | Thursday, Jul 18, 2013 | Updated 8:47 AM PDT

Scientists at Caltech have found the “strongest” evidence yet to suggest a massive ocean once covered much of Mars’ now-dry northern hemisphere.

Scientists estimate this huge body of water would have covered at least 100,000 square kilometers, or 38,610 square miles – 10 times the size of Los Angeles County.

The findings are far from proof, but they do provide some of the most convincing support to date, lead author Roman DiBiase said in a Caltech news release Tuesday.

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I feel so much better after hearing this great news...

It is with peace in my heart that I reflect on this so wonderful and useful of news... news which indeed rivals John McCain's dream of colonizing the moon!

After all, this is such a magnificent and beneficent use of stolen, defrauded free citizen's labor.

No doubt all mankind will be blessed by this new Sci-FY speculation!

After all, nearly all mankind has been FED-defrauded in order to provide for the wealth and vacations these pioneers of speculative science enjoy!

May they live long, be fed well, invest wisely, and reap the labor of many more serfs in the years to come... years in which the fantasy of their idiotic mind games, well fed and Starbucks quenched, will continue to grace the pages of electronic eye candy, the consumption of which serves up the blind electorate both nourishment as well as guidance!

pure poerty, your comment.

pure poerty, your comment.


Liberty = Responsibility


Ancient Life on Mars & 'John Carter'

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There is no duration defined in the Oath