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The Ultimate Way to Fight Back

The past few days I’ve heard/seen such vitriolic language towards George Zimmerman as well as justification for the killing of Trayvon Martin. Let’s all remember one thing: the mainstream media has one and only one objective and that is to divide communities. Plain and simple - they obtain ratings (ratings = money) by inciting emotion in viewers. With that in mind, the ultimate way to fight back is to 1) turn off the TV and 2) show compassion for the families of both George Zimmerman AND Trayvon Martin. This whole ordeal was terrible and whether or not you believe Zimmerman or Martin was “in the right” someone died and the best way for wounds to heal is by showing compassion for both sides. Of course I have an opinion about it just like everyone, but not voicing it at the moment might be the best thing.

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Actually, if you want to talk

Actually, if you want to talk about the ULTIMATE way to fight back, its through the coordinated power of mass intention. Millions of minds focused on the same goal, is a force so powerful the lord himself cannot stop it. It is the power of our minds that shape our reality. The media continues to plant these seeds in us to get us talking and thinking about the negative, which is exactly why we are seeing more and more of it; because what you hold in your mind, good or bad, you will manifest in your reality.

Lets shift our focus. Lets concentrate on whats GOOD in America, and ask others to do the same. When we all do this, it will be astonishing how fast the things we don't want, will fall away..

I read the title as:

"Ultimate way to fight Beck" at first glance. That's one we need too!

Well said sleight, divide and rule is certainly the name of the game.

Related is this video:

If only people could see...

that the media makes its money by inciting meritless emotion. If the public would realize this everyone would be much better off.

Excellent! You nailed it brother!

Regaining our own humanity from the corrupt machine renders it impotent!

Well put

much love

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

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Love your neighbor as yourself

I know, it's hard, but slightofhand is right, it is the ultimate (peaceful) way to fight back.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa