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Updated: Chaffetz Tears it UP at the IRS Hearing Today

Chaffetz: He launches at 3:09 mark


UPDATED: IRS Hearing Recap 7/18/2013 Fox News

Bottomline: 48 yr veteran IRS Cincinnati agent Carter Hull was no 'rogue' agent. He testified today that the decisions, stalling and paperwork went right to DC.. to the office of 1 of Obama's ONLY IRS appointees... Chief Counsel Officer William Wilkins.
Checkmate... and Lois Lerner is toast and may face criminal charges...
unless she opts for immunity... and 'sings like a bird'. It ain't over. :)

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When I listen closely, It

When I listen closely, It doesn't seem like chaffetz means what he is saying when he gets excited. But that's just me. It seems contrived.

Yah... good call

I watched about 2 hrs of it...
there was a LOT of demagoging that went on..
they can't resist... after all.. they're all lawyers hehheh..
this was a quantum leap today... it's getting down to the mustard.
This was DEFINITELY not the result of Cincinnati gone rogue...
it was top down and ass covering all the way.
Lois Lerner is in deep shit criminally...
she just might squeal.

Updated with new/better Recap (above) in OP

older recap... with Jordan Sekulow (Jay Sekulow's brother) here:


Nice political cover for Chaffetz....

He had NO idea that the NXA (X=S) was going to build a yottabyte and petaflop largest surveillance data center in the history of mankind in his state.

That was a total mystery and he was completely unaware.

Yeah, right.

So, to avoid teaparty ire regarding his knowledge of it, he picks the historically easiest target to gain some political cover.

And you fell right for it.

Nothing should be said of Chaffetz except that his new name is "Cutout" NXA Chaffetz. (X=S). That's who he is. Never forget it. And he had full knowledge and needs to be held accountable by the people of Utah for it.

I was just going to say! I

I was just going to say! I don't know anything about the guy, but my gut is saying that I Do not trust him at all... And then i was going to say we should look into his history. I bet He is a part of it. He seems really slick and smart.
Not that smart is bad of course...

Powerful video

This is a must-watch for everyone. I find it very heartening to have people like Mr. Chaffetz fighting for TRUTH.

"Nothing is as it appears; everything is smoke and mirrors"

Quick, someone throw in a NSA

Quick, someone throw in a NSA debate, seems like they are awake today?

I dont mean, awake, awake, just the plain old ordinary awake......as in YAAAAAAAWN, im so tired, whats going on.....awake

Is this just rhetoric?

Or is the smell of blood leaching from somewhere?

The walls are closing in...

just a matter of time until someone realizes that they are going to be the scapegoat...just like John Dean in Watergate.

And like John Dean, the "scapegoat" will ask for immunity to spill his guts...and then the game will be up.