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Movie:Last call for freedom.The federal government converges on a rural Oklahoma town with the mission of disarming its citizens

Hello DP long time lurker first time poster. My name is Brandon Irvin and I'm working on internet promotions for the movie Last Call For Freedom. This movie directly confronts a worst case scenario of the federal government coming into a small town to take away the guns owned by its citizens. The film will be shot in Oklahoma. We are aiming for later this year to start production. My father, Kendall Irvin(writer, director) and Jenna McKee(producer, editor, director)have completed the script and are now working on other things like casting and arranging a good production team. We have already had some press, but are looking for more exposure. So, if you want to know more or even get involved with the project please checkout our Face Book page. I've given some links bellow please like and share. Lets make this movie huge! Thanks to the DP.



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sound great Brandon...

how bout tossin us the 'script'..
►let's make it a DP collaborative project???
Lots o talent round here..
think about it!

This already happened a few

This already happened a few times... Waco Texas is the most known. Katrina also.

Interested in seeing the finished product.