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Is Dick Cheney Behind the Latest Attacks on Rand Paul?

by Robert Wenzel
Thursday, July 18, 2013

Markie Oles emails me to point out another hit piece on Rand Paul by Jennifer Rubin. He adds:

You should just call her Jennifer 'Energizer Bunny' Rubin because she just keeps going, and going, and ....

But this piece may have some new insight as to what is going on. The latest hits, and the expose on Jack Hunter, started only days before Liz Cheney, daughter of Dick Cheney, announced that she was running for the open US senate seat in Wyoming.

This is interesting because Rand and the Darth Vader don't like each other very much.


Think about this. Just days before Liz announces her Senate run, The Washington Free Beacon, Rubin, Jonah Goldberg and Bill Kristol all launched attacks on Rand. And today's hit piece by Rubin has this noteworthy sentence:

In the short run, this poses a problem for his colleagues. Does, for example, Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wy.) embrace Rand Paul’s ebullient support and campaign with him?

Ah yes, separate Rand from helping LiIz opponent, Enzi, by dirtying Rand. Sounds like Darth Vader at the controls to me.


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Lindsey Graham in drag

SteveMT's picture

Cheney is capable of anything. He's as low as they come.

After ordering NORAD to stand down on 9/11 and after getting his heart transplant, he can and will do anything.

Hell yes! Dick Cheney is

behind behind most attacks....the Twin Towers, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Rand.

i thought the same thing

cheney, i believe actually endorsed trey grayson during the KY primary.

edited: yep, just confirmed. that's what happened.


Not sure if he's behind the

Not sure if he's behind the attacks, but he should be behind bars.

It is not just Dick

...it is the whole Zionist media establishment.

Shows how much of a bubble these vermin live in.

Despite a clear rejection of neo-conservatism in the last two elections, these imps still believe they are relevant.

Dick may just be the most unpopular or even hated person on the planet.

Dick and his friends put their full support behind Grayson and attacked Rand...yet Rand won in a Randslide.

Absolutely astounding.

BTW, both Levinstein and Shamnity have already endorsed the daughter of Satan.

Dont insult Darth Vader. Call

Dont insult Darth Vader. Call him Darth Cheney.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.