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What the Rick Perry abortion law really means

There is a lot of hoopla over the new abortion bill in Texas. But what is it really about?

The new law bans abortions 20 or more weeks after conception.

The complaint against the bill is women are apparently so indecisive they need more than 5 months to decide to kill their children. It only took 5 minutes to talk her into creating the baby but for some reason 5 months is not enough time to decide to kill it.

So why 20 weeks? Well that is when a baby becomes viable, it has a chance to survive on its own if it is actually given that chance. The state even issues a death certificates for unborn children after 20 weeks.

Of course, relative to the rest of the nation, it almost sounds like sanity has made progress, but is anyone really impressed that all this bill does is allow a baby that could live on its own, to have the opportunity to live?

Rick Perry has been governor since 2000, and in 13 years has done nothing for pro-life voters. So why now? Now wait, he didn’t write the bill, he we just pressured into signing it, the pressure was too great to say no this time. And will likely claim it wasn't his fault if the wind blows that way.

But why sign? Because he it throwing his hat in the ring and wants to be the Republican Nominee in 2016 and MORE IMPORTANTLY it is an election cycle for Governor of Texas in 2014. He is hoping to keep RON PAUL from coming out of retirement!

Ron Paul Governor of Texas 2014!!

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The Day

that Ron Paul is elected governor of Texas is the day I move to Texas.

Perry is not running

in 2014


Ron Paul has it in the bag.

Great nome de plume

The Good the bad and the ugly is classic. Isn't the gold in the Unknown grave next to Arch Stanton?

Sorry - great post as well blondie...

Want to how many women who have abortions had already had at least one abortion? 47%.

This is from the Guttmacher Institute - and the 2006 report was the most recent study they had regarding repeat abortions. They are a pro choice group and the study covered a few years of data.

I do not support abortion personally however it should not be a federal govt issue.

That 47% shocked me.

So did, "Given current abortion rates, it is estimated that 35% of
women will have an abortion by age 45."


Liberty = Responsibility