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This Currency Has No Central Bank, Thrives During A Collapse And Rewards Fighting Tyranny

What if all money disappeared and everybody suddenly became poor overnight? How do you make money if there’s nobody to make money from? Well there’s going to be one person who has all the money. Every dollar has to be owned by somebody, so the more people there are who don’t have money, the more money the people who DO have money will have. So you could just waste away, waiting for the guy who took all your money to give you some job to do, or you can literally ‘make’ some money of your own.

The reason money works is it rewards good deeds and punishes selfishness. If you’re willing to work, then you deserve to benefit from the work of others. The money is just a receipt to prove that you earned the reward. So here’s your second option: instead of creating money out of thin air then loaning it at non-existent interest, your ‘central bank’ creates money out of thin air then GIVES IT AWAY for free to those who give THEIR time and labor to OTHERS for free. If you can create it for free, then it won’t cost you anything to give it away for free.

Go attend all the ‘End the Fed’ rallies, the protests against Monsanto and 2nd amendment demonstrations in your area then give everybody you see a ‘receipt’ just for attending. Go to the local soup kitchen and give the volunteers receipts too. If you’re walking down the street and there’s a guy wearing a Guy Falks mask passing out information, he deserves a receipt. The possibilities are endless.

People aren’t going to take your receipts seriously right now, but when the dollar is no longer an option there’s going to be a HUGE demand for alternative currencies and your receipts will be right there ready to fill the vacuum, backed by the natural tendency for people to reward acts of kindness. You can even make them say something like “backed by the collective gratitude of humankind”.
Think about it: you’ve stored plenty of food to last through the depression and meanwhile people are asking for help. Are you more likely to give charity to the guy that spent 5 hours a day in front of the TV, or the info-warrior with certified proof that he did everything he could to stop the New World Order from collapsing society? What if he offered to give you his receipt in return so that if you were ever in need you could prove that you helped out someone else who deserved to be helped? What would this type of barter system do to the globalists’ plans to make us beg for their new global currency?

It’s basically like monetizing civil disobedience. It helps to assign points to different acts of kindness depending on their value. Use holograms and signatures to prevent counterfeiting.

From Planet InfoWars:

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Interesting idea but...

Cannabis would be far superior. After all if no one wanted to carry around receipts or other forms of worthless paper they would still need to eat. You can eat cannabis and the seeds that it produces. You can grow it anywhere. Everyone knows what it is so it is widely recognized. Its production speaks for itself for if you are in possession of it then you have either grown it, bought it, or stolen it. In either case you are guaranteed to find others that want it for any reason. It has been a currency before and I think that it is likely to be so again before all is said and done. Hell look at all the effort our criminal empire is going through to get ahold of it from us! Those pricks plug innocents and their family dogs over small bags of it each and every single day of the week. Oh and you know what? This currency is independent of any affiliation with the criminal empire so its use or trade only takes power away from them and puts it into the hands of the people.

I like the idea but receipts are no different from what we have today. If you want a genuine currency that is easily recognizable, has intrinsic value and is easier to deal with than gold or other precious metals then try weed. Bitcoin can be hacked. Dollars are hacks. Receipts will never be any different but they have yet to counterfeit cannabis. That spice shit is just poison.