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'Zombie virus' to be unleashed at national Boy Scout Jamboree

BLACKSBURG, Va., July 17, 2013 – If researchers from Virginia Tech's Virginia Bioinformatics Institute have their way, 50,000 Boy Scouts might just turn into zombies as part of an educational game called "Virus Tracker" during the national Boy Scout Jamboree from July 16 to July 22 at Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia.

Virus Tracker was developed by researchers at the Network Dynamics and Simulation Science Laboratory to help people understand the spread of disease and the public health response required for disease outbreaks. The data collected by playing Virus Tracker can be used to understand how social contact networks are pathways for transmission of infectious diseases.

Designed to show how disease spreads, Virus Tracker allows participants


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I have nothing insightful to add

Just wanted to say I want to play that game with 49,999 other people all spread out in camp sites in the mountains. It sounds like more fun than ... what's more fun than a giant camping trip with a fake zombie outbreak?

Defend Liberty!

Seems harmless

enough. But, there was that NY Subway gassing recently. It can't hurt to keep an eye on drills/experiments like this.

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Very poor title

I know you simply copied the title, but you could have used your own words to make it more descriptive of the article. The original title drives views, but leaves me wondering about the level of intelligence and creativity of the original writer and the DPer who copied the title.

I don't get it...very

I don't get it...very misleading title by the way...It was a stupid game to teach kids how a virus spreads...Did you post this because you thought it was cool or offensive?

I didnt make the title

I only copied the title

Did you post this cuz you

Did you post this cuz you thought it was cool or offensive or other? That was a serious question

I pick other!

because it is different.

thx. and to those that

thx. and to those that downvoted me at first: there's nothing wrong with asking someone to clarify whether there was a position they were trying to promote, or their personal opinion on the subject about which he/she posted.

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It is wrong if you lead the witness

As you definitely did with your "is it one of these two options" rhetoric. But I've already seen you for a troll based on your horrible vulgarity the other day. So carry on!

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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not engaging in another flame war (edited)

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What could you possibly have to flame me about, other than pointing out your behavior? Go ahead, flame on my friend! You're too funny.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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your dislike for free speech,

your dislike for free speech, the simple mind it takes to write someone off completely and try to get them removed from a forum because you thought ONE post was "off-color" - that was the source of the frustration that caused me to post something which I quickly decided wasn't necessary and that I shouldn't have a vendetta against someone who did one thing that irritated me (hypocrisy?)

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LOL again

You mention "free speech". This site is not a "First Amendment" site. I've already pointed you to the rules you violated, in an attempt to warn you before a moderator does; those rules also state that this Michael Nystrom's house, and you can be banned for violating his rules, just like he can ask you to leave if you're a guest in his house.

Many here have been banned recently, including several friends of mine making me significantly less motivated to make new friends here. I have stopped my monthly contributions as a result of the user fishyculture being banned. I am currently rethinking that decision.

I have no vendetta against you. But I do have a memory of others' behavior, including yours.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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I wasn't trying to corner him/her

I wasn't trying to corner him/her, which is why I was content with "other" as a response. I was genuinely curious. I'm sorry if one post of mine invalidated all my opinions to you, but that's your business, so carry on.

now boys

this year, you can earn 2 brand new badges. We've never had these to offer till now
the first one is the virus tracker badge
the second one is the BJ badge
how F Up is that !

oh . . .


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