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Police invade for paying cash

Nowhere is safe...

It all started one Saturday morning when Jarl Syvertsen, a 59-year-old disabled Norwegian man, purchased a PC, TVs, and washing machines for 80,000 kroner (roughly US$13,000) which he paid in cash. The store immediately alerted the police about the large cash payment. On Sunday a male and a female police officer appeared on Mr Syvertsen’s doorstep. Upon seeing them, Mr. Syvertsen at first feared that something may have happened to his mother, who is 86 years old and resides in a nursing home. But the police were there with a warrant to search his home, charging that the cash he had spent was money that “came from a criminal offense.” In fact, the money was actually part of an approximately one-million dollar advance on an inheritance he had received. Mr. Syvertsen attempted several times to explain to the officers where the money had come from and to show them a letter confirming that fact, but they would have none of it and proceeded to invade his home and his privacy. Eventually the police realized their error and left his home.

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I would have brought that

I would have brought that s-h-i-t right back to the snitch clerk at the store for a refund. And complained of water damage after I pissed on the electrical components.

Excellent point.

THREE TIMES over the last 5-7 years a buzzer went off while I was exiting a local Walmart.

Each time I told the attendant that if they couldn't find that I stole anything, the store was going to buy the entire basket back, and I WAS GOING TO THE HEAD OF THE LINE.

Each time they found it was THEIR fault, and I went back and sold it all back.

I left without what I came for and either did without or got it somewhere else.

It hasn't happened recently, but I don't shop there much any more.