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What Percentage of The US Workforce Gets A Check From A Taxpayer Subsidized Government Job?

50% ?

I live in an area that is dominated by government jobs. In fact, the county I live in is the biggest employer of all. Public sector jobs far outweigh the private sector jobs and it shows.

Ever since I opened up my own business, I've wondered how many people in my state are getting paid with a government/taxpayer funded check for a job that doesn't produce a tangible product.

Teachers. Professors. Police officers. Detectives. Fire Fighters. Court appointed lawyers. Career students. Judges. Town councilmen. District Attorneys. Psychologists. Coaches. Some doctors, not all. Some farmers, not all. The Public Water Authorities. The Thruway Authorities. Toll collectors. Social services workers. Public transportation drivers. The garbage men. The Town Clerks. The DMVs. The FBI. The CIA. The NSA. The school administrators. The mayors. The governor. The janitors. The IRS. The Department of Labor. The Department of Environmental Studies. The Department of Agriculture. The Department of Health and Human Services. The State Attorney General's Office. The Building Inspectors. The TSA employees. The DHS employees. The military. The National Guard. The Parking Authorities. The State Troopers. The Park Police. Elected politicians and their staff. The Environmental Protection Agency. OSHA.

What did I forget?

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to damn many percents worth