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New York Needs Your Help

We need your help with a money bomb. There is only one candidate that can defeat Andrew Cuomo and believes in the Constitution. It is a humble man and he was the lonely voice trying to stop the SAFE Act in the middle of the night.His name is Steve McLaughlin.

Andrew Cuomo is going all over upstate NY, because his numbers are falling rapidly. He is really a sitting target and can easily lose to a monkey. They are nervous and eating each other right now. We have a problem...The long Island GOP controls the process and have all the money, they are sometimes funding Andrew Cuomo. There is a candidate that lost badly to Andrew Cuomo and his name is Carl Paladino. The GOP wants him to run again so he can say something stupid like the last time he was running and lose.

The money bomb is to get our guy running and step up and declare the candidacy, but he needs initial money to do so and this is our only good chance to do it. I am no web developer or video editor, but looked at examples of previous money bombs and did what I could.

We need your help. This can be the Waterloo for the progressives.


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Money Bomb

The money bomb url is http://stevemclaughlinvictory.com