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They like to erode our freedoms in the guise of providing security. But what we get is neither security or freedom. Why is the DHS buying so manny bullets and armored vehicles? We have a military to protect our borders. Why are all the FEMA camps fenced off with barbwire and look more like prisons? I fear they will be used against Americans that resist a planed collapse and the looming tyranny. The only way to stop it is to wake people up, to know what is going on and to spread the knowledge of who the real perpetrators are and their agenda. Because the globalist will be the ones posing as the saviors when they intentionally crash the monetary system and buy everything up for pennies on the dollar. They will offer a solution that creates a new system to destroy a constitution that isn't broke and doesn't need fixing, but just to be followed. This new system that they want, a new world order, will be one they have even more control over. But, lets hope I'm wrong on every account.

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How many basis points of

How many basis points of extra safety and national security are we getting for all our constitutional rights erosions and tax money? There are 100 basis points in 1%

The complete and total

The complete and total worldwide economic collapse is not planned, just delayed. The economic collapse is the final inevitable end product of our fiat currency monetary system.