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Black Mob beats White man on his own front porch “for Trayvon”

Mobile, AL – On Saturday night, Matthew Owens told a group of kids to stop playing in the middle of street, only to have them return with a group of adults who dished out a beating that landed him in the Intensive Care Unit, according to police.

Police say that the group of 20 assailants used chairs, pipes and paint cans to waylay Owens on his own front porch.

The victim’s sister, Ashley Parker, told News 5: “It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed.” She said the attackers used “brass buckles, paint cans and anything they could get their hands on.”

Parker added that as her brother lie on the ground bleeding, one of the assailants looked back and shouted: “Now that’s justice for Trayvon!”



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Might help to check your

Might help to check your sources.

Phillip Anschutz is the owner of The Examiner and is a self-proclaimed Christian Zionist - http://www.talk2action.org/story/2011/8/31/113147/698

Keep your fing guns close by

Keep your fing guns close by and open fire on your attackers, whatever their color or costume.

Really guy? I must mis understand, are you saying guns are the

Answer to any type of altercation ? Our right to own guns is so that we stand a chance against tyranny not to settle street fights. Let us discuss is there something I don't get here? I have been mistaken or / and uninformed before.

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

If you're fearing for your

If you're fearing for your life and can prove it like GZ, fire at will. The jury has spoken it's OK.

Enough with the device posts...

This is NOT a black and white issue. Take a minute to marinate . I mean that on all levels. This situation is a travesty on many levels also. Let us maybe discuss the need for a law that basically says might is right . I honestly do not know the details of what happened other than some guy was getting his ass handed to him in a physical altercation , he pulled a gun & took a young man's life. This is awful. We need to discuss how and why this is lawful in Florida or anywhere at all. Only the media paints this as a race issue. For crying down the sink in the rain did anyone notice Zimmerman is Hispanic? It is not a racial issue but a f@cked up law that allows an adult who can't defend himself physically from a minor to use lethal force. IMHO

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

Moral to the story

Be careful who you punch in the nose without physical provocation because the victim may be armed. Absolutely no evidence Zimmerman provoked the fight and lots off evidence Trayvon was the aggressor.

Do Black thugs really feel they can win a race war?

They need to be careful what their asking for, they may get it. Most of the guns in the US are owned by white people. When black thugs start dragging people out of there cars and beating them and try to kill them, do they will this sort of thing is going to help them get a job? Do they wonder why white businesses don't won't to hire them?

They are undoing all the work that the real civil rights leaders did. What a shame.


They were probably hired by the administration to further the race war agenda. Happily no one here seems to care. We all just smile and wave at each other as we pass down the street. No matter the color. Try as they might, human nature is far more beautiful than they can manipulate their way out of. I wonder what we have to do to ensure that they no longer have the power to manipulate the masses any further?

Besides we are the masses right? I do not see us rioting in the streets over much of anything. We are not sheeple; we are community oriented people. War, famine, struggle and nastiness are not what we seek but rather pleasant equilibrium. Is that not self-evident? They certainly paint a different picture don't they?

There's really not anything

There's really not anything going on here either and this city has a pretty good percentage of blacks. A few vandalisms, minor scuffles, nothing of note. Maybe it's all just being fabricated? Certainly wouldn't be the first time this administration and media collaborated to lie their gluteals off.

This is not the first attack

This is not the first attack in the name of Trayvon and unfortunately probably not the last. There is no doubt that mainstream media is directly responsible for these attacks with their race baiting tactics since day one. I wish the victim was armed.

For the record...

This happened over a year ago. Not saying it's irrelevant, just that it's old.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie