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Become a Snowden bodyguard, let all secrets released!

All those finally fed up with our Orwellian state and want to leave, here is a proposal; let's stand behind Snowden wherever he goes and promise protection (body guard) wherever he goes in exchange for full disclosure. It would be hard to push under the rug the elimination of 100+ patriots, for heaven's sake! At least we could end this melodrama, escape seeing our country collapse, and hear all the juicy details of what our peeping big brother Tom has been recording on all of us. What do you think? Sign a pledge, make history

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nice dream.

You're heart is in the right place, but I don't think that's possible.

Well it's possible to get a

Well it's possible to get a plane ticket to wherever he's going, surround him at all times, form a tight community that supports him in what he's doing- So the truth can come out and possibly have a place for everyone else to live that isn't stupid, when the shit hits the fan.