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Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson To Piers: Trayvon Was 'THUG', Not Innocent Little Kid, Tip 'Toeing Through The Tulips' - VIDEO

Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson to Piers Morgan 'Trayvon Martin Was A Thug' | Slams Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton


by Josh Feldman | 10:42 pm, July 18th, 2013

Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson expressed his extreme displeasure on CNN tonight over how the Trayvon Martin case has been covered in the media. He railed against “race hustlers” like Al Sharpton and told Piers Morgan the media is irresponsibly making Martin out to be some kind of “innocent little kid” instead of, in his opinion, being honest about Martin being a young thug.

Peterson said that people like Sharpton and President Obama have only injected themselves into this case to “incite the anger of black Americans and others,” adding that they’ve been “using black Americans by dividing the races” and “intimidating white people to get more power.”

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I think we should be

I think we should be completely open to the possibility that George Zimmerman was being controlled by a time traveler on a mission back in time to kill Trayvon Martin as a teenager in order to stop him from becoming the second coming of Hitler later on in life. Yep that works for me. Whew. Now I can get back to avoiding acknowledging the existence of my white guilt just a little bit longer.

On another note, fuck Piers Morgan.

Divide and Conquer

Is the name of the game. It comes right out of Goebel's handbook. Cause mayhem in the streets and it will behoove the government to impose martial law for "our own protection." When you sacrifice liberty for safety you get neither.
I found it interesting that President Obama, in response to the NSA spying revelations, said that when he was elected president of the United States he made two promises to the American people. The first was to 'protect them' and the second was to 'uphold the US Constitution.' This tells you where his priorities lie. Lord Brougham famously once said, "An educated citizenry is easy to lead but impossible to enslave." You can't have it both ways. I
am concerned that our country, it's fouled up monetary policy, its misguided wars of aggression, and its designs on a global corporatocracy will spell the end of the America our founding fathers envisioned. At least it was good while it lasted.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed Jack is King.


should be on prison planet not dp...It was a tragedy (tm) (r) (c). lets not harp on the negativity and the its not racism crap.

"race hustlers and poverty pimps"


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I still fail to see

how anything martin did in his life prior to that night holds any relevance to the case. He could have been a convicted murderer who raped 15,000 children, but on that night, he was just walking home with iced tea and skittles.

I think it is relevant. It

I think it is relevant. It shows a pattern repeated that night. It was TM who ended up following GZ, confronting him, likely due to homophobic concerns put into his head by Rachel Jeantel. I can't believe how idiots like Morgan continue to ignore the fact that TM beat GZ, for what? Because he had dared to "follow him"? Since when is it illegal to follow someone? And there isn't even proof that GZ continued to follow TM after the dispatcher said they "didn't need him to do that." GZ says he was headed back to his car, when TM suddenly appeared. TM had four minutes to get back home. But he chose instead to confront GZ. If a pervert is really after you, is it really safe to confront him? Might he not have a gun? Why didn't TM go home and call the cops?

Oh i'm not saying Zimmerman

was guilty of murder. At the time he shot I fully beleive he did so in self defence.

But my point is, at the time that Zimmerman was profiling him, which he was by his own admission, Martin was committing no crime, and had Zimmerman not followed him, or called the police, Martin would have ended up at home, alive, and still committing no crime.

My point is really simple. Martin was innocent of every crime up to and until the point that Zimmerman decided to pursue him. Zimmerman was the first actor in this case.

So ultimately, no, it really does not matter if Martin was "a thug", because at that point, he was committing no crime, he was just being a black kid in a hoodie.

Lol, you gotta understand no

Lol, you gotta understand no one on Daily Paul gets the irony of how they assume everything the white guy does is self defense, and everything the black guy does is attacking. They're just gonna run with the "fact" that Trayvon Martin attacked first, even though its completely unproven, and all your comments sympathetic to Martin will be down-voted 20 times. It's sad.

It's just more believable that the black dude attacked first in an unreasonable manner like a wild animal or something, than say the 2nd amendment gun owner maybe had his gun drawn maliciously already (you know, like a guy who just said 'assholes always get away' and 'fucking punks')or something and that's why Martin had to attack first, to defend himself. I'm not saying that I know that's what happened, but just saying its completely just as likely as the official Sean Hannity version of events everyone on this site believes. And the fact that that possibility is completely ignored by the people who say 'its got nothing to do with race', is what makes this whole case completely about race.

IMHO. lol.

Pictures of young thugs are lies!

take a look at this one -

cute Kid

looks like a cute kid!

But -
here he is a bit older - Hitler

thug 4 lyfe - hitler

thug 4 lyfe - hitler

LOL! Thanks for one of the BEST comment posts EVER!

Ouch! Truth hurts....

What would the Founders do?

You go Piers!

Keep on doing what you are doing, you are doing an excellent job as a provoking and very annoying bully. Who knows, if you keep this up Obama might change the constitution for you to allow anyone to run and let you take his place as president for the next election.

At any rate you should be given some kind of reward for being the most annoying bullshitter on TV

Once again Piers Morgan show how

ignorant he really is.

He was great

He was great

God this englishman is

God this englishman is obnoxious....he's clearly stupid too. He is intent on portraying Martin as an innocent youngster in spite of all the evidence to the contrary... He is racebaiting this incident to the hilt with desperation introducing "white scenarios even though Zimmerman is a latino. SNAFU! His agenda inciting racial divide in America is clearly obvious.

Thank you Reverend Jesse Lee

Thank you Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson for saying what needs to be said to break through the MSM mind control. Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson should be a US Senator or Representative in congress.

We ran Piers Morgan's kind out of our country 237 years ago. It's about time we did the same thing again. Boycott everything British, including the Royal families new born devil spawn.

Uh, new born...baby?

Boycott everything British? Piers Morgan is a dweeb, but he's one guy, and it is not the baby's fault, nor the British people's. He's more American than British from where I sit.

Am I the only one that noticed that Reverend Peterson kept saying the same thing over and over again like he rehearsed it? A facebook picture of a gun and pot do not prove "thug", do they? I had heard that the kid had to go live with his dad because his mother couldn't handle him any more (thug), but Reverend Peterson didn't mention that.

Vote me down, I don't care, but I don't see the hoopla. All I kept thinking while I watched this interview was that Piers Morgan maintained the upper hand and that Reverend Peterson wasn't doing Zimmerman any favors with his perspective.

Sorry, it's possible that I still haven't had enough coffee this morning. This just kind of set me off a bit.

not only that but zimmerman was a scumbag

So turn the page and find some real injustice to complain about.

Another honest black man comes out and tells the turth.

As I am now listen to another black man come out and tell the truth along with Bill Cosby and Charles Barkley and other who are trying to be honest about what happened. I know there has to be millions of black families who are appalled by what is happening to George Zimmerman. These News Liars are doing everything they can to try to start a race war but thank God more honest black men are standing up and telling their community the truth.

Let Me Tell You Something: Jesse Lee Is An Advocate For Truth

I've been folowing his youth work success for years and years. Jesse Petersen, a former gang leader himself, lived in the in the L.A. ghetto. He emerged a new man after following the teachings of my favorite guro, Roy Masters..

When he first got started in 1960, Mr. Masters a professional hypnotist and Diamond cutter by trade, opened up The Foundation of Human Understanding. For a time he counselled Jesse Petersen and straightened him out and sent him on his own path as an advocate for truth. He worked daily helping troubled youth living in the inner city.

Today at 85 years of age, Mr. Masters operates the Foundation of Human Understanding now located in Grants pass, OR.

If you have mental, spiritual or emotional problems he is the best at identifying the root causes of your stresses. Mr. masters discoverd long ago a simple and easy to perform technique that will help you eliminate all the little angers, resentments in your life.

I've been practicing this simple and easy technique myself for over 30 years and i swear by its success. The technique really works and I guarentee that if you ar truly a searching person it will also work for you.

For more information on the stress reducing technique go to: http://www.fhu.com/

Don't forget

Trayvon Martin also spent time at the Florida Youth Boys Ranch in North Florida. This is a place where trouble makers go in order to get rehab...come on Piers, he was a "thug", what's it going to take for you to see the truth.

what about...

the twelve pieces of women's jewelry and a screwdriver found in his backpack while being investigated/suspended for graffiti vandalism at school just four months prior to this incident? Oh, that's right, he was holding it for a friend, never mind.

I Didn't Know About The Ranch For Troubled Kids

The media surely doesn't want that one out aye..

Posted earlier

This was in an earlier post on July 14, 2013...titled "Untold Truths"
If you watch YT vid....you will see this same horse.
Don't expect to be seeing this in the news, it might destroy their agenda.

Pic of Trayvon on a horse at the ranch 8 days before he was shot. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=image+of+trayvon+martin+...

Note the fence, building roof in the background.

Now Google map search, satellite view
"Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranch"
2486 Cecil Webb Place
Live Oak, FL
South side of the road is the pasture where Trayvon was photographed riding the horse; same building, same colored roof, same colored split rail fence, same landmarks in the same places.

About the ranch: https://www.youthranches.org/video/50-years-of-service

This Sherrif's ranch video may show the horse Martin was sitting on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3J-ibzlR7lQ and pause it at 1 min and 8 mins. Looks like it could be the same horse as well.
The white blaze on the horses face is distinct, like a birthmark.

Any keyboard detectives out there?

Regardless of the horse, the google map & photo are virtually incontrovertible. Anyone agree/disagree? Have other evidence?

BOOM!! - Jesse L. Peterson Is 'SPOT ON!!!'

It's all about intimidation and power plays. The Politicizing of the death of the street 'THUG' Trayvon Martin..

To make the white race feel guilty. Its all a freaking lie and Obama, Holder and the two 'slum area' pimps, Jackson and Sharpton exerting the pressure from the radical communists elements in the ACLU to act in civil disobedience to produce an outcome which will be to pressure the idiots in the U.S. Congress enact or bring about more restrictive laws against the lawful gun owner..

Piers is the best they have for their propaganda to the masses

We are watching the death throws of the MSM thrashing about, as it is in the process of bleeding out.

and they had to import him...

His arguments are stereotypical of the Straw Man....correct?