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As Detroit burns. USAID

As Detroit sinks into debt and bankruptcy. The United State assists with billions of dollars to build developing nations. With USAID.

The website for the USAID. Has interactive maps that show how much is sent to these areas across the globe. It lists sponsors from the US that have backed each area that is receiving aid.

Yes it seems as if our government cares about what is going on outside of this country (exception on listening in) than it does on what is happening here at home.


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If we gave Detroit to Canada,

would it then qualify for foreign aid?


Another good post post by a DP member.

Too funny, thanks for the laugh.



The best thing that could happen to detroit is bankruptcy

Otherwise, the same stooges, government apparatus, laws and procedures that got them there will stay in power.

See TARP bank bailouts, Haiti, food stamps, welfare, subsidized housing, Greece, etc.

If the current incarnation of Detroit sinks completely beneath the waves, a new ship can take its place. Patching its rotten hull with taxpayer money is a fool's errand.

Not that I agree with USAID anywhere else.

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they are part of the intel

they are part of the intel apparatus if you believe sibel edmonds. Which is why the money flows...and continues flowing.

But the money hole needs to

But the money hole needs to be filled.

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This is called hypocrisy.

We like to make wars and puppet dictators, not necessarily in that order.