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Why Does Trayvon Not Have a Right to Self-Defense? Why Assume That HE Was the Aggressor?

The problem that many people have with those of you defending Zimmerman is that *Trayvon* was the one that was an *innocent* *unarmed* *young man* who was being stalked by a vigilante with a violent record who had been ordered by the authorities to stop following the boy.

Yet, Zimmerman who ends up taking an INNOCENT HUMAN BEING'S LIFE get's away with murder and is held up as a hero and defender of gun rights!?

I mean, what would you do if you were Trayvon and some strange man with a gun was following you?

At what point do you feel that YOU would have the right to defend YOURSELF from a George Zimmerman-like perp?

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I take issue with those denying TM's right

to walk home at night without being followed and HIS right to self defense. If a "creepy" looking guy is following ANYONE in the middle of the night, they will likely go into a flight-or-fight mode. If running doesn't do the trick, then what options are left? In the age of Ariel Castro and Jeffery Dahmer, I may not be inclined to see if this "creepy" man has good intentions or verify that he's actually calling 911. I still can't understand how you can start a fight if you're running from one...Enough with the double standards. And no, I don't care about scoring brownie points.

Which of Martin's rights were

Which of Martin's rights were being trod upon? Name them. "The right to walk home at night without being followed"? Are you kidding?



I study news all day

ive Read probably close to 50 plus trayvon article plus comments and so on yada yada yada

read that and come back and let me know how you feel after reading this article, this guy is super smart and does his homework include notations and everything




"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL


Says the person who didnt pay attention to the trial.


Because people who stalk with intent to kill someone, usually call 911 before they murder in cold blood.

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Only a moron who can't think for themselves would consider

Trayvon innocent.

Zimmerman gave his testimony numerous times starting right at the scene-- without any knowledge that there would be corroborating evidence like a 911 call with background sound.

Stop right there and you know he can't possibly be lying.

Tayvon chose to initiate a fight. He attacked Zimmerman.

Zimmerman was doing his job of "Watching the Neighborhood". Period.

All the evidence supports his story perfectly -- in fact if he never gave any testimony -- all the evidence PROVES he was attacked and had to defend himself.

Man, reading this

Man, reading this thread...

What I don't get, is that Martin didn't have a history of much. Some supposed burglary, and graffiti.

But Zimmerman, does. Assaulting a cop, harassment, spousal abuse, etc. He also has a history of frequently calling 911/dispatch, to report such things as a "7-year-old Black kid" for being suspicious.

Yet, Zimmerman's past is ignored, while Trayvon is portrayed as a thug/gangster. He gets blasted for wearing a hoodie. That is like blaming a rape on the victim, because she was wearing revealing clothing. His attackers are taking twitter posts and the fact that he is Black and smearing him with all these things.

I mean, look at the posts throughout DailyPaul. "he was doing what Black kids do when they scope out houses". "Black people embody that thug culture", "Black people sell drugs; Martin was probably doing that"...

Even juror B37...she doesn't blame Zimmerman for thinking Martin was suspicious, because Black youths have earned such a reputation. Doesn't Ron Paul preach against seeing people as part of groups.

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And despite the INDIVIDUAL failings of both men, what matters is what happened in that particular case.

Attempts to paint individuals as symbolic or representative of a "race" or "part of a bigger problem" are just rank opportunistic nonsense.

Trayvon stalked Zimmerman and assaulted him not the other way ar

You liberal trolls and the MSM can spin this story as many ways as you want. You cannot change the facts that it was Trayvon Martin who had the choice to go home and tell an adult he thought he was being followed. You cannot change the fact that Trayvon Martin, who was an intimidating six feet tall to Zimmerman's five-seven, viciously attacked George Zimmerman, breaking his nose, knocking him to the ground, straddling his body and pounding his head onto the pavement.

Martin wasn't some snotty nosed kid on his way home. He was an aggressive bully who was probably playing his version of "knockout," that new game practiced by gangs of roving young black toughs against old women, old men, cripples,and children, the weak and the lame.

Zimmerman wasn't following Martin after the dispatcher told him to get back in the car, he was trying to find an address for the dispatcher to give to the cops to get them to the right address.

Trayvon was a young tough who wanted to teach that "cracker" something. Martin was the aggressor. Martin could have gone home. Martin could have called 911 on his cell phone. He didn't, he assaulted George Zimmerman and he paid the ultimate price for the attempted murder of another human being.

If the Florida AG and Sanford's mayor hadn't gone around the police chief and the grand jury by caving in to the professional race baiters and racial agitators, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the MSM, Martin would have just been another black teenage casualty, among the hundreds occurring monthly. Where are Jackson and Sharpton when blacks kill blacks or when blacks kill whites? They're off playing the race card somewhere else.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

First, let me say that I

First, let me say that I wouldn't care if they had both died. This is a non-issue for me. But since you asked... A defendant is innocent until proven guilty. The other party is dead. Trayvon cannot testify to his role in the events of that night. So, lacking any other pertinent evidence, he must remain innocent.

Why was zimmerman's nose broken?

I don't believe Zimmerman shot on purpose, but for self defence. Trayvon was beating his head against concreate and broke his nose. I think Zimmerman should have maybe shot his leg to stop him but didn't as you know. Sad but I don't think Zimmerman is entirly at fault at all.

what would CS do

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Maybe it's time we just start

quashing all these Zimmerman/Trayvon threads altogether. They are becoming annoying like basement mold while the NSA, and world move on.

The case is over, it's done. The verdict was decided by a jury. Arguing until your faces are blue with each other about the verdict isn't going to change what stands.

I personally, see the debate as pointless, and it's beginning to trash the site, which begins to annoy me.


I do not care about this case or your opinion about it.

Everyone is still trapped I see.

Do you have any idea how unimportant this case is?
I mean really. This is a state murder case, that's all.

The real racist is the one who forced a race issue out of this, apparently not knowing Zimmerman was NOT WHITE!
I give that credit to Al Sharpton.
Sharpton should stick to shedding light on police abuses.

If Trayvon was white or Zimmerman was black, most of us wouldn't even know it happened.

Very sad to see so many people stuck in the racial divide distraction put forth for us by the media.

If Zimmerman is white, so is Obama because his mom was ...

white, right? If that is so, then he isn't the first "black" president. This issue of race is nothing more than race baiting.


Obama isn't black because he'd have to deny his mom, Zimmerman isn't hispanic else he's have to deny his dad. "Zimmerman" is a really hispanic sounding name isn't it?

doesn't matter what anyone thinks except the jury

everyone just needs to assume everyone is armed...

case closed.

Tools of war are not always obvious. The worst weapon is an idea planted in the mind of man. Prejudices can kill, suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has an everlasting fallout all of its own.


...Martin knew Zimmerman was carrying a CONCEALED weapon how?

You always try to slide these little untruths in your posts/responses.


Sir, your post is dishonest

First, who are you to speak for many people? Lets speak for ourselves.

GZ is not a hero, TM is not innocent. Vigilante? Stalked? TM knew GZ had a record? Of course not.

You are emotionally attached to a narrative and that narrative must be protected regardless if the truth must be put aside. You have put the truth aside.

Before I answer your question one point needs to be clarified. TM didn't know GZ had a gun, it was holstered. Say what you want about TM he isn't so stupid as to approach a man following him with a gun in his hand. Gunshot wound in chest, point blank, so his back wasn't to GZ. If TM saw the gun he would have stayed at his dad's house. Remember TM's girl friend testified that while on the phone with TM he made it back to his dads house.

How did he get killed?

He didn't stay there he circled back to surprise GZ. I personally try to avoid surprises.

What would I do as an unarmed man, if a man with a gun was following me? I would run, faster than you, from the threat, until safe.


Liberty = Responsibility


Kind of like GZ had time to card TM and see he was underage, while getting his head bashed in.

Don't forget: GZ passed a polygraph that night concerning his side of the story.

Also, 911 operators are not authorities to demand that anyone do anything, and if they were, they certainly didn't order GZ not to follow. That's BS from NBC. It was GZ's duty with Neighborhood Watch to keep an eye on TM till the police came.

Something to think about...

If Trayvon had killed George Zimmerman do you think his defense team would have argued it was in self-defense?


Aunt Sally isn't worth arguing with.

The jury was right in their decision. Zimmerman is not a hero and Trayvon isn't innocent. It's a big world, some people are dumb, and shit happens. No amount of laws/regulations can prevent this. The media is in this for the ratings. They don't want to report on the real issues because their liberal positions don't hold up to logic and reason. They can only win straw man arguments much like the author of this post. He/She could win this argument on a liberal site but not on the DailyPaul. Downvoted

George Zimmerman was

George Zimmerman was monitoring and sizing up the situation that evening. That was his job as neighborhood watchman. What happened to George was not what happened in Fight Club with Edward Norton's self inflicted wounds. Based on GZ's bloody smashed face and head, we know Treyvon Martin did it and deserved what he got.

Utterly ridiculous

You have to completely ignore the evidence of the case to come to the conclusions you've reached. Is the sky blue in your reality?

So sick of this

Please stfu. I'm so sick of people projecting their views of race onto this case.

It doesn't matter who we think was the aggressor. It only matters if the prosecution could prove Second Degree Murder, which they couldn't.

Moving on.


Someone must be getting paid to stir the pot. Don't we all have more important stuff to do than argue this case that noone has any firsthand knowledge of? I know I sure do so I'm calling it quits trying to reason with idiots who have no concept of due process regarding this matter.

This Asshat says

Because Zimmerman has a gun he is guilty .. your stupidity is endless

Well, I'm with you

Zimmerman started this. It was Trayvon yelling "HELP" when the punk bitch Zimmerman pulled a gun on him AFTER he got his ass handed to him in a very minor scuffle as evidenced by the "injuries" Zimmerman had. You can't yell "HELP" while you're getting your head banged into the ground. People who don't know anything about street life or fighting can't possibly prosecute this trial or render a verdict on it, because they simply cannot relate to it.

But, anyone denying that Zimmerman wasn't the stalker is on crack. Or blinded by fear and hatred.


So i can kick someones ass cuz they look at me wrong, how about call me names .. it is hard to defend the indefensible