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Ummm..In Case You haven't Noticed

The people in charge of our foreign policy of "fission field warfare", ie breaking up ME countries into small, theologically opposed mini-states...

are doing the same thing to America, except instead of religion, they're using social themes (race/gay rights/abortion,etc) to do it.

And they're winning.

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I agree with your premise, but not your example.

In very simple terms, the U.S. has come down solidly on the side of Sunni, rather than Shia controlled states, until recently, where we no longer seem to distinguish where we stand on that centuries old division, which if left alone, would occupy the ME for centuries more, and keep them out of our hair. The petro-dollar is our only real "national interest", and we are paying the price for meddling.
But I agree with saying America is being fragmented with purpose. For lack of a better term, I have referred to it for years as "groupism". We are much easier to control as members of a commune rather than as individuals.

Undo what Wilson did

I'm not sure about that either

America was initially 13 individual colonies that became confederated states. It was the passage of the Constitution that the individualism of each state began to be erased, and the fact the individual states have abandoned republicanism - although each is Constitutionally bound to assure such a thing. The southern states were never like the northern states, and many worried about the powerful states of Virginia where there were clearly 3 very different men who were prominent during our founding period - Henry, Washington and Jefferson. But there was a glue that tied them, or supposedly did, and that was individuality as espoused through the ideas of sovereignty and liberty.
I have no problem if some States want to recognize gay unions and others don't. I don't have a problem if some States want to legalize drugs and other don't. But I do have a problem that States don't want to protect the life of a child in the womb. The race issue will always be as long as people classify humans via skin color. America was never aligned as you suggest in your post and if it was, I'd like examples of gays fighting to be married in 1799 or women fighting for abortion rights in 1801.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

I didn't notice

I see the ME is breaking its self up. They get AID from the UN and the USA and what do they do with it? Self destruct. Blaming the USA is lame.

Religion has been under attack.. Cathiocs have closed hospitals and schools.. Obama is appointing more muslims to his cabinate.. Sharia Laws are advancing in some states because, and I give them credit, the USA's design of if, by and for the people works for those people willing to work it.

What's unfortunent is so many Americans take this for granted and think they can smoke pot and someone else will do the work FOR them. Someone else is doing the work, AGAINST them.

Blame yourself for you own lack of being THE government you want.

Granger, it was Israel and

Granger, it was Israel and her assets in our Congress who pushed us into war with Iraq. It is Israel and her allies who are also trying so hard to push us into war in Syria and Iran. If you can't see that, you are blind. John McCain and Lindsey Grahmnesty would not be such rapid dogs for war if Israel did not want them to be. They are fulfilling Oded Yinon's dream of Middle East fragmentation.

I don't agree

I believe it is Saudi Arabia and it's friends in the UN with their desire to keep the USA tax payer addicted to their oil with no competition.

Who are Israel's allies?

I believe it is the UN and it's fight for global government that is responsible for undermining any ME nation, Syria for one.. the ME is being forced to lose it's "nationality" and come unto global control.

Maybe it is you who are blind?

McCain and Graham, and those who are not from oil rich states, that have great oil needs and can't depend on oil rich states to produce for them because of agreed UN enviromental laws (UN AGENDA), such a CA.. are not friends to Israel.

The SoS budget AID gives more to the UN than any nation. The nation that takes the most AID, is Afghanistan, because it helps us perpetuate a war on drugs and police-prison state. The Nation of Islam, divided among many small nations, or stateless countries.. Unoccupied Palestine, Kurdistan as examples, are actually many states of Islam that recieve AID, adding up to the most aid going to the Nation of Islam.. the USA gives the Nation of Islam more than it gives to Israel. What do we get for this AID?

Afghanistan we get a perpetual police state, Nation of Islam we get some protection to continue to get oil for states in the USA that do not produce oil but NEED it (and this has changed recently where China and the EU are getting the oil), and we get alot of headaches as Islam continues to advance it's agenda.

What we get from Israel is military back up, and products many have no idea they are from Israel, medicine/ medical equipment, technological advancements.. for example, carbonators cost Americasn hudreds of dollars a few years ago. Today they are under $100, and most of that cost is in shipping and store overhead.

The UN and UAE perpetuate the fragmentation of the ME, refuse to make Palestine and others into states because it serves them having their subjects bowing to Saudi Arabia in the name of Allah. It serves them to have Allah control the population, as the kings live beyond Sharia Law.. treat their peoples like fodder and continue to compete on the global stage for Empire.

Generals are thinking about providing military support to rebels

Michael Hastings Reporter threatened, not to mention the bipartisan dual chamber immigration bill support, the federal reserve and Obama are bankrupting the nation, IRS scandal going all the way to the white house, Benghazi survivors sign non disclosure agreements, morsi overthrow, bradley manning trial, etc...

Who is Karen Hudes?

We need to get back on track.


Karen Hudes

they have done a good job of making her just minimized so far..

Google her while you can.

Does anyone see its not a two party deal..
its the haves(partly goverment workers) and the have not's(average tax payee)


Just want what seems to be missing, Truth and Justice for ALL
What is fraud except creating “value” from nothing and passing it off as something?

Is it not that the confederate states of america

Was a form of divide and destroy tactic by the Rothschild counterfiters.

It realy boiles down to the fact that rats desert a sinking ship. So as we near the third Rothschild intentional world financial collapse, they must have great wars or the rat puppets that are all on board with Goldmans sacks and Gov puppet positions will desert as soon as the financial noose starts to tighten.

Without a war there will be many more Snowdens, the rats will turn on their masters when the money stops. And they will be angry.

Very interesting time we live in for sure.


100% correct!

Can't say much more than that!


I've got a great idea.

We get together and pretend to be at odds with each other all the time while secretly pushing forward Ron Paul's "Freedom" agenda.

Oh, wait. Our Democrats and Republicans already do that.

Seriously though, the tide of illegal (government sponsored) immigration seems to be setting up new culture clash tension that could be horrific if the handouts end and the media points to "conservatives" and "constitutionalists" as the reason they ended. We can see what is already happening in Europe with the new muslim neighborhoods cropping up causing tension.

It's called balkanization, named after the former Ottoman empire

...which was balkanized between 1817 and 1912...

and it's a dirty trick and it works almost every time...

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

Let Their Strategy Become Our Winning Battle Tactic

"never underestimate a hegemonic power’s ability to miscalculate against an insurgency."


Balkinization can be our Audacious Strategy implemented as the framers appreciated and the empire mendaciously pretends to forget.


Well that's certainly what

Well that's certainly what the Martin/Zimmerman case was all about - picking one killing out of the 10,000+ happening yearly in the US and fomenting racial division with it.

Propagandized groupthink designed to attempt to keep us mistrusting one another rather than focusing attention on our actual common enemy.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

thats the truth and it's done at the expense of

That's the truth and it's done at the expense of the citizens.
Just to hide from what's really going on the Rape and Pillage of the middle lower class .
There has been so much injustice done to the black man it's easy to stir it up..
This Guy Glen Ford is one smart cookie most of the time.
But he is going off comparing T Martin to Rosa Park(a true hero)
If you read the transcripts as much as you would love to believe George Z was a bad guy, you see he was kind of the guy you want to live next door.

I have yet to figure out how pounding someone head into the sidewalk isn't aggression?

Glen Ford is making the brothers look blind to fact's
The USA has a long way to go..
and with out Ron Paul not much chance.
the Rep/Dem's can fire up the masses at will.

What about.
1. Drones
2. Banks
3. Peeping Toms UNCLE SAM
4. Four million people in the goverment with a clearance that can look at secret NSA data and give it to your competition!

Just want what seems to be missing, Truth and Justice for ALL
What is fraud except creating “value” from nothing and passing it off as something?