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Can we keep this the Daily Paul and not the Daily Distraction?

For the past several days, including right now early this morning, the DP continues to have post after post of the Zimmerman trial etc etc. What you need to understand is that just because everyone is talking about this trial and who was guilty of what and what kind of person actually x was, that does not mean this stuff actually matters at all. Ya know what really matters? Stuff like Adam Kokesh getting arrested trying to restore the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. And Glen Greenwald covering what's going on with Snowden and how the NSA spies on Americans. And that dude's car to protect from police malpractice. And Eli Manning. Try to keep perspective. Paul for President.

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Keep Posting Exhaustively about Zimmerman-ish Stuff.

(Reverse Psychology) ;)

Now. Someone. Please. Say, "Don't tell me what to do".

Can't tell me what to do,

Can't tell me what to do, sorry.

Southern Agrarian


If you guys like posting about the zimmerman trial, can you explain why you are spending your time and energy on this topic? Why is it important?

I am Ron Paul

Maybe you could post a list

Maybe you could post a list once a week, of stuff, people can post about. That sounds slightly familiar. I know I've experienced that somewhere before but can't quite place it... oh, the mainstream news!

Topic Nazi

NAPOLITANO: Zimmerman’s double jeopardy dilemma

There is not a topic of discussion Ron Paul could not...

have an engaging conversation about.

Why then seek limits on a site honoring his name?

Besides, you never know when some nonsense thread might inspire something brilliant like my piece about Ed Snowden using up all his sick days and having to go back in to work at the NSA on friday...

p.s. Eli Manning - that's funny.

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