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Zimmerman Attorney, Mark O'Mara Intellectually Overwhelms Al Sharpton - Video

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Wish I could watch this vid right now, I'm sure al sharpton could be intellectually overwhelmed by honey boo boo.

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It's Called "Due Process"

I hope Al Sharpton is NEVER a juror. He does not get the basic presumption of innocence.

The lawyer wasn't simple enough for him.

The standard the police have to meet is NOT that there's evidence that a crime might have been committed, but that there's evidence that a crime WAS committed. It takes time to investigate, using a team approach of different disciplines before they know whether that's what they have.

Which isn't to say that the police don't sometimes stretch the law out of shape and jump to conclusions.

They also have dealt with many murder suspects, and they probably are pretty good judges as to whether the possible suspect is likely to go out and look for another victim. Danger to the public is really the only consideration for holding someone before all the evidence is in.

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Al Sharpton isn't so sharp


The man can barely keep up with the teleprompter and just sounds like a fool. The least his handlers could do is write copy that sounds more natural to an actual conversation rather than following the same structure every single time.

Who watches this show anyway?

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I'm convinced O'Mara

was born to be a courtroom attorney. His whole demeanor and ability to stay calm, respectful, nonjudgmental at all times, even when everyone else is being unreasonable, disrespectful, emotional, and judgmental... As a juror, comparing the bullying, arrogance and insulting antics of the Prosecution team...I'd instinctively want to side with O'Mara.

Those qualities sure worked on Sharpless here.

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Unless, the unarmed man invites you on his show!

Game on!

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