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Too funny: 75 Ways Socialism Has Improved America

A much more trusting individual than I wrote this piece of Statist trash:


My favorites: The White House, the IRS, FEMA and the Prison system.



I hope to see a hearty discussion on this one.

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Definition of Socialism

... The definition of Socialism is: a political system that depends on INITIATING force to govern. Any system that depends on Force will corrupt to the core. All these Socialist Government "benefits" you listed require the initiation of force. All the services you listed are corrupt and inefficient. All these benefits and services can be delivered by Voluntary means. You are right about one thing - we are a socialist country and have been since "we" adopted every "plank" of the American Communist Party Platform starting with the Income Tax and nationalization of the banks -Federal Reserve- in 1913 - one hundred years of Socialism explains why our beloved US is bankrupt and hated around this war weary world. Everything we do is based on "FORCE" and that explains all the war, poverty and depravity we must endure.

90% of

the programs listed here are soon to be out of money or already in shambles. The rest are causing massive distortion in the market.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Stefan Molyneux:

"It's a logical fallacy to say that because the government does it, if the government doesn't do it, it won't get done."

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Pretty sure that basic truth

Pretty sure that basic truth didn't originate with Molyneux. But it's nice that he points it out.

Would that be National Socialism?

Or one of the 31 flavors?

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

who are you callin a Nazi?

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?
or do all Government Sponsored Enterprises fit the bill?


I bet the author of that article kowtows towards DC in prayer...



Who thinks civilization comes from socialism?

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Dear EPIC, This is the thanks we get? You fail! - Regards, NSA

Dear EPIC,
You speak. We listen.

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If you wish to avail yourself of other services we provide, please ask.

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Thanks for the link, Mark!

I bought the t-shirt, and plan to wear it to the pub next week!

For those who haven't clicked the picture, the t-shirt is only $8 including shipping.

Again, thanks! I have loved your works in the past, and continue to do so! :)

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Go with jovial friends to an old Irish pub.

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This photo of Green Dragon Tavern

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

very minor point

Is 'socialism' 3 syllables or 4? Otherwise...good post. Shows how much work we have to do!

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They did the work for us of creating a list of things to do away with!

Sweet! I love it when people do our job for us... :)

Send this article to every conservative you know! It will work a thousand times better than any of our well reasoned conservative logic will.

We'll have a destruction of the state overnight... ;)

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Larkin Rose and James Corbett

This is an awesome interview on how govt is a religion, I don't know how to put it on the front page but maybe someone more savvy could do it, thanks.


Larken's views on Government as a religion

Larken wrote a whole chapter on the subject in his book, The Most Dangerous Superstition. You can read a major excerpt from that chapter, here. Mind bogglingly good.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

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I read it recently and it is amazing. Almost everything I used to see as legitimate, I now see with "scare quotes" around it. :)

I love his use of them -- the above was not sarcasm.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Half of that crap is outright

Half of that crap is outright false.

Roads are paid for by taxes on gasoline. If you don't drive, you don't pay for them.

If libraries are tax-funded, then why do they all have fund raisers all the time and ask for donations?

USPS...completely stands on its own from postage. It is NOT in the hole every year by billions. Not one cent of taxes keeps them afloat.

Student loans...a merger of banks and government. The money comes from the banks. Printed by the US. Kind of a tax...

Bridges...falls under roads.

Garbage collection is not a tax. You pay for it in the form of a bill. You can choose who you want to collect your garbage or haul it to the landfill yourself.

Landfills...is that not part of the cost of garbage collection? Do the landfill and the garbage collectors not have a contract and the cost just gets integrated into what you pay for garbage collection?

Museums are like libraries.

Public schools. Not really a tax, just a levy on your land.

The prison system is completely private.

Is the sewer system not another bill?

Hoover Dam. Really? They might have used tax money to build it, but surely it has been paid for many times over by the amount of electricity it generates, and tourism.

Ambulances...does a person not get a HUGE bill when they use the EMS service?

I'm getting sick of reading this. This person doesn't understand the difference between investing tax money to build things and socialism. Building things always get paid back by only those who use them. Tax my build a bridge, but the tolls pay back that investment. Socialism is a one-way flow of tax money, like war, food stamps, paying politicians, social security, etc.

There entire attitude is that people ask for these things. I don't want to pay taxes, and I don't care about any of those things. I don't want a military to protect me. I don't want fire protection. Anyone with logic can grasp that a sprinkler is fire protection, not someone miles away coming with a truck. I don't want to pay social security, and I don't want the money when I'm old. I want to work until I die, and I have a 401(k) anyway. I didn't ask for any of this crap.

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Must agree - credit is taken for all the 'good stuff' in life...

without considering that the private sector could do most of the things on this list more efficiently, on time and generally under budget.

Also, not sure if I saw it on there, but has the government taken credit for the recent heatwave due wholly or in part to emergency sun subsidies passed during sequestration talks?

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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Of course it's false

Socialism only works when people are being constantly lied to about which sets of hands their wealth is getting 'transferred' to.

Although I'm not so sure that your info is 100% factually correct either...

A signature used to be here!

More Than Half

Right on, Ramicio. It's mind-boggling that a post like this would get any positive responses on a site like this.

Edgar Morgan

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The DailyKos article...

Is correct in it's assessment of socialist programs. Despite being wrong in saying that they are "good".

ramicio's comments are almost 100% factually incorrect, and a VERY quick google would prove it.

What boggles my mind is that HIS post would get up voted at all.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Way to actually argue my

Way to actually argue my supposedly-wrong info. Just call the info incorrect per "the internet."

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There is nothing to argue.

You may as well have said the moon is made of cheese. I wouldn't bother to argue that either.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

You refuse to pick apart

You refuse to pick apart anything I said with your supposed facts from a google search because in reality you have nothing to back up your view. Adults argue their points, not just tell someone they're wrong and then extrapolate to mythology like moon cheese to attempt to belittle everything they say as kooky.

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If you...

want to be treated like an adult, then stop spouting childish nonsense as fact. Since you specifically asked to be educated, I will take the 5 minutes required to do so.

First socialism is a redistribution of wealth. Meaning, all pay in so that all can receive common services. Not your garbage definition that exists nowhere in reality.

Socialism proponents attempt to justify the theft involved by pointing to the services that they provide. You claim that socialism is just the theft, which is ridiculous.

Therefore, ANY -compulsory- tax system is a socialist program regardless of the service it provides.

Now on to you blatantly ignoring the facts:
"Roads are financed with gas tax." - This blatantly false. Yes, some road infrastructure is paid this way, but not all, or even most. In addition, what about the gas that you buy for your generator, lawn mower, heavy construction equipment, etc. Even if it were true, the gas tax is compulsory. That makes it socialism, regardless of WHO pays in.

"Bridges ..."

"USPS" - Receives subsidies, and has been on the verge of collapse for years:


If you believe it really costs .40$ to go anywhere in the country, I have some swampland to sell you. They use compulsory taxes to finance it and monopolistic powers to control portions of the market. Socialist.

"Student Loans" - Take compulsory tax money to "guarantee" loans, to hand money from one person to the next. Definition of socialism.

"Garbage Collection" - Try calling the city and telling them you don't want the service. 99% of communities will laugh at you and tell you that you can't choose not to use the service. There are communities in which it is privatized, but a vast majority are not.

"Libraries" - They are built and paid for out of local taxed funds. Once again, compulsory taxes used to pay for communal service. Socialism. Btw, whether or not an entity has a fund raiser has no bearing on whether it is already getting paid out of stolen money.

"Museums" are usually some form of private non-profit, but are generally subsidized by local tax payers. Socialism.

"Prisons" are not privatized. Some prisons are privately operated, but still paid for by tax dollars. Whether Wackenhut is running it or your local city employee.

etc, etc.

Once again, you seem to think socialism means theft alone. It does not, and it doesn't matter how many crumbs in the form of subsidized services you get back, it's still socialism.

All services provided through compulsory property confiscation is socialism. EVEN if you think at some point, "it paid for itself", those who were stolen from to build it never got paid for their contribution.

Your entire argument stems from an emotional unwillingness to accept the fact, as a conservative, that you actually like some of your socialist programs.

I don't want any of them.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Roads are paid for by taxes

Roads are paid for by taxes on gasoline. If you don't drive, you don't pay for the roads. Get over those few gallons you put into your lawn mower every year. Roads are falling apart because there is no money coming from gas anymore because of the rise of 40+ mpg cars.

Bridges...built by tax money, as an investment, paid back by tolls and maintained by tolls.

The USPS is not on the verge of collapse. It stands on its own and does not take a cent from taxes to run. The billions people are claiming it's losing are related to pensions.

Student loans are not done with tax money. Money-lending is done in a fractional reserve and money-printing method.

Libraries are always asking for donations and always doing fund raisers. If taxes pay for them, then why do they do that?

Museums aren't free to enter.

Prisons are private labor camps.

Garbage collection...vamping about your own community and thinking it applies to most everywhere.

I don't want to pay for any of it either. It doesn't mean anything I said is wrong.

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I provided several links, that you clearly didn't bother to read. You ignored the fact that taxation to pay for services IS socialism. Period.

You follow up with more of your half baked incorrect logic and reiteration of falsehoods. And directly contradict yourself at least a few times.

You should focus on just ONE of those items, actually understand it before moving on, because you have no idea what you are talking about on any of them.

Here is one: Student Loans.

Student loans are lent using a government guarantee. The bank is willing to lend on a shaky loan, based on the federal loan guarantee. If the student fails to pay the loan back (as most don't), the the bank calls that guarantee in. The government then pays off the loan to the bank using tax money, at a lower than face value amount.

And that isn't even considering the direct student loans that the federal government participates in.


Now, if you take the time to full understand that process. Then I will take the time to explain in more detail, which you clearly require to enlighten you on the rest.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Taxation on one's income is

Taxation on one's income is socialism. Taxation (they're really called tariffs) on goods is not. You're always free to simply not consume such things with tariffs integrated into the cost. There is no choice on taxation of one's income. It will eventually catch up with you, and I am saying that to all of you supposed sovereigns who go around BSing everyone that you don't pay taxes.

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Holy crap...

Who the hell do you think you are talking to?

Focus man... You accuse me of stating viewpoints that I vehemently oppose.

As far as the distinction between voluntary and compulsory taxes. Ok, we'll tax all food, all energy, all products. Go ahead volunteer out of that. You are deluding yourself if you believe ANY taxation is voluntary.

This is my last comment to you, but I simply could not let that stand. You clearly have concentration and attention issues.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

"Who the hell do you think

"Who the hell do you think you are talking to?" You clearly have problems there, tough guy.

Taxes are money taken from income. Tariffs are not taxes, hence why they aren't called taxes.

You can grow your own food. You can produce your own energy. There are black markets to buy products tax-free. Your whole argument is just weighing whether or not a person wants to put in the effort to not be taxed.

"You clearly have concentration and attention issues." Thanks for all of the other attempted insults. Way to discuss something without name-calling and pointless attacks.

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