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Michigan Governor: Detroit BANKRUPT! Video

Michigan Governor: Detroit BANKRUPT! - Video


Read more: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20130718/METRO01/307180103/Detroit-files-Chapter-9-bankruptcy?odyssey=mod|breaking|text|FRONTPAGE

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My Mother Lived and Worked In Detroit

During WW2 my mother left Pennsylvania 1n 1944 to live with her cousin in Detroit. She was able to find full-time employment at 19 years old, working as a file clerk in the huge block long Ford Motor Company building..

At the same time my Aunt was the original "Rosy The Riveter"

How things have changed.

Detroit is gone and it is very sad.


No, I Meant One of The WW 2 "Rosie The Riveter", NOT Thee

No, I Meant One of The WW 2 "Rosie The Riveter", NOT Thee,"Rosie Monroe

Should have clarified that statement...

Nah... you didn't need to clarify

coming from a military family.. my Dad being a WWII vet, and his position, and he was well liked by "his men", and the civil service that supported the bases.. thus, I have met several women named Rose or Rosie who with great pride, and even with family surrounding them sharing that pride, told my Dad (and whoever was around) that they were Rosie the Riviter..

When I was a kid, the first one I met, I thought was THE real Rosie.. but as I aged, and met many.. I never challenged them. It was more important IMO, to show them respect and support, in gratitude for the service they did, for what they did was really remarkable and something to be proud of.


Snyder help push Detroit into

Snyder help push Detroit into Bankruptcy with that emergency manager BS

Detroit bankruptcy solution, from a libertarians perspective

I have a thought, why not free Detroit to become a libertarian city? Maybe on the order of what Hong Kong was, free and independent from the mainland USA. A free international city, based on libertarian principals. A Tax free enterprise zone, no immigration restrictions, no minimum wage laws, no wealth transfers, no entitlements, very limited regulations and only basic taxing for the essentials. All the fundamentals are in place, an international airport, infrastructure, and its located on the border with access to the great lakes shipping. IMHO that city would attract hundreds of billions in international revenue and would explode economically.

Why not? I don't think it could get any worse off than it is now.
Oh, I know why not, silly me, every other city in the US may want to follow Detroit's lead, we can't have that! Never mind.

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Reality comes to Detroit.

"Atlas Shrugged" has become a reality. Every remaining Detroit resident should read it, and they should pass it on to someone else and fast.