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Rare bees resurface in Washington State - Note the attribute of this species as a general forager, making it a prime candidate for genetic modification by Monsatan.

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glad to see something positive on the bee front. (even though these are bumble bees)

off topic:
MN sent me a small bottle of honey that the bees in AZ make from the desert flowers. You can literally taste the cactus flower type flavor compared to a Central Texas wildflower, or a Southeastern Tupelo honey. It is gooooood stuff. (and I'm not a big honey eater either)

It's the trace amount of pollen in the honey

that gives the distinct flavor of different honey. I decided many years ago never to heat the honey more than the bees would. I always loved hearing new customers raving over raw honey.

It's too bad I no longer sell honey after 20 years, because of GMO poisoning.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Western Bumblebees.

These Bumblebees look to be all over our lavender flowers, which are blooming right now in southern Oregon, far outnumbering Honeybees.

By the way, they nest in the ground.


I wondered where they were nesting

My yard is full of them. I live in South King County in WA.