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Let Liberty Prevail! Sam Canders for MEGOP Chair!

2012 Disenfranchised Maine National Delegate and Ron Paul Presidential Elector Sam Canders is running for the Chairmanship of the Maine Republican Party! The following is a video and letter that was released asking for all of us to help! We need another State Chair who is an ally to the grassroots.. Sam Canders is just that ally!


Fellow Mainers,

A special election is being held to fill the vacancy left by the last Chair Rich Cebra, and it is clear that that the party needs to go in a new direction with a new kind of leader, one who is determined to be a vocal advocate for the grassroots of the Maine Republican Party. As announced earlier this week, it is my intention to run for Chair of the Maine Republican Party.

First, I’d like to tell you the reason that I have decided to run for this position. Several Mainers approached me asking if I would consider the job. After careful consideration of what the party’s needs are, I decided that I am willing to serve all of you as your next Chair. Let me reiterate that I was not encouraged by established politicians, nor by insiders with personal/political aspirations at stake, but by the people on the ground within the Maine GOP.

If I am elected for the position of Chairman, it is those people, the boots on the ground of the Maine Republican Party, whose interests I will be considering in all of my decisions affecting the Party, as I will not be beholden to candidates nor consultants with other interests.

In a letter sent earlier this week, I cited healing of internal strife as the number one plank of my campaign. This is not an impossible task because if we all work together as a team we can bring back those grassroots activists that are so important to win elections for House and Senate seats as well as re-electing Governor Paul LePage.

The first issue that all Maine Republicans deserve to have addressed is the 2012 RNC rule changes. In keeping with the resolution passed by the Maine Republican Party, calling upon Maine committee members to work to abolish the 2012 rule changes, the next Chairman of the Maine Republican Party should be prepared to advocate on behalf of Mainers at the RNC summer meeting on August 14. Maine committeeman Mark Willis is sponsoring a resolution to revert the rules back to their less-egregious form and Maine needs a Chairman who will stand with him in this pursuit, so that the entire delegation of Maine stands united in returning the control of our elections to our own State.

Another extremely important issue that needs to be addressed by the next Chair is the financial deficit in which the Party currently finds itself. It is clear that our Party will need to raise funds quickly in order to be successful in the recruitment and funding of candidates. We need to raise enough money to tackle our day to day expenses. In the role of Party Chairman, I will utilize the skillsets of those who have already expressed their willingness to serve the party and appoint a Fundraising Committee strictly focused on this job. We need a new "Team" approach that involves all of us and builds our Party financially from the ground up as well as from the top down.

I am asking for your support. Will you make a pledge to get the Party back into a fiscally sound position? These pledges will be called in ONLY if I win this Saturday’s special election. Please consider pledging 1 hour of your time or $10.00 cash donation to be collected if I win the race.

Together we can all make our Party a better place for all Republicans. Our party needs to grow and we must reach out to all that have left over the last year and bring them and many independents over to our side. Our party needs a major rebranding and image overhaul. We need Party offices in nearly every county around the State manned by volunteers. Our message is the Right one. As your Chair, I will lead our party back from the fiscal abyss, increase our membership by focusing more on our youth vote and participation and most importantly bring all of us together as a team.

Thank you for taking the time to invest in a new direction.


Samuel E. Canders

Make your pledge at: http://tinyurl.com/ourpledge

*Totals will be updated on our events page: https://www.facebook.com/events/499124656828369/

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This is what I like to see on the DP!

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Go Mainers!!

Chairman Canders!


Hell to the Yes

Big Bump, go Sam

Bump! This is exactly the


This is exactly the kind of stuff the Traymmerman forum sliders are trying to bury!

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

Bump for trying to free the

The grassroots can ensure we have an ally in Boston

Please consider making a small contribution towards rebuilding our party. All pledges are contingent on Sam Canders being elected as the next Maine Republican Party Chairman.

Make your pledge towards a new beginning at: http://samcanders.com/sam-for-chair-pledge-bomb/

Let's show these folks some support! They are trying to rebuild a party in shambles. Pledge that if the people of Maine are successful in electing this grassroots advocate (one of the de-credentialed Maine delegates from the 2012 RNC) as their next Chairman, we will support them! You can pledge money to help them rebuild their party, or pledge an hour of your time. This time can be given from afar, as well, as they could always use help with social media, writing articles, video advocacy, etc., to help get the Republican message out! Pledge, friends! Let's let them know that the country is with them!

Way 2 go Sam!

Sam is the guy for the job!

Ron Paul is My President

Remember the Maine.

Remember the Maine.

Southern Agrarian