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Dzhokar Tsarnaev’s Throat Wound: Another Government Lie Bites the Dust

It’s another example of why you should never trust the government.

Back in April federal officialdom told us Boston bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev was shot in the throat and unable to talk. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick was trotted out to confirm this fantasy story. He said Tsarnaev was in “serious but stable condition” and “not yet able to communicate yet.”



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photo of neck injury

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Where is the THROAT injury?

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Absolute hogwash

The video at the bottom clearly show a wound to the throat... at 4:46

That's actually proof that

That's actually proof that the wound occurred after this pic was taken as its on the same exposed side.

Ventura 2012

This causes me a pain in my gut

It's not Obama and Holder (Sideous and Vader), it's not the big bad federal government.

It's the Massachusetts State Police (my state police) and my lying-ass governor Deval Patrick saying this guy shot himself in the throat thus cannot speak, when he clearly doesn't have a bullet wound in the neck, being able to stand up and raise his hands in surrender. The way the press and police told it, his body was curled up in that boat riddled with bullets and near death.

It's a real, no-shit conspiracy. A recent study showed that conspiracy theorists are more grounded in reality and have more logical minds than mindless believers in the establishment storyline.

Why the hell they didn't murder him, too, is what I can't figure out yet. A piece in a puzzle. Nothing happens by accident in this regime, I don't think.

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Its like trading the market

Market traders usually have certain investment classes that they are knowledgeable about and comfortable with. For example, metals traders are experienced with trading physical precious metals, shares of mining stocks, and other related asset classes.

Traders typically will try and determine which direction the market for their preferred assets classes are headed and then either take up short or long positions.

Market trading then requires two basic things: (1) Prediction abilities to determine where the market is headed for your asset classes and (2) A plan to trade the market based on what the predictions say.

The Dept. of Defense in the early years of the new millennium began using a newly developed prediction market called the Policy Analysis Market to attempt to predict terrorist attacks. This is only one of many predictive tools.

While one hand was engaged in making predictions, the other hand was practicing risk management by writing out Contingency Plans which were meant to create scripted reactions to a wide variety of potential events.

There is the ability for certain 'market' participants to take actions which themselves will move the market. Its a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, but it typically requires some type of government intervention at some level in the market.

What we are seeing is a combination of a well developed ability to predict events and tons of contingency plans to deal with them. A large part of these contingency plans always revolves around the information aspect of the triggering event. There is a strong will on the part of institutions like the DoD to 'control the message'. We've all been seeing this play out in a number of different ways for over a decade now.

(1) Prediction says something is going to happen.
(2) Contingency plans are readied.
(3) A drill is planned for the predicted event.
(4) The event happens.
(5) The contingency plan is put into action.
(6) Forces are already deployed as part of the drill.
(7) The media message is controlled, resulting in shifts in the story line from what was initially reported.
(8) A partially false narrative, controlled by the DoD and/or DoJ emerges and is largely accepted by the populace.

To be fair... The original

To be fair... The original reports said he shot into his own mouth and that the bullet exited at the back of his neck:


That isn't to say that this is not BS... But these photos in particular are not evidence that the above story is wrong.

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you stating that this photo of DT standing vertical while conscious does NOT prove that he didn't shoot himself in the mouth? I'd think someone who "shot themselves in the mouth" would look a little worse than this, no matter where the bullet exited.

You also realize that they reported he had "no gun" when he was captured right? How does someone shoot themselves in the mouth with no gun?


if I may

you might have noticed, so far the mirror commenters aren't buying that story.

Everything about

the Boston Bobmbing was a lie.

Sandy Hook was a lie.

Batman shooting was a lie.

Yes. all of this might have happened but we were lied about the story.
All of this is propaganda brainwashing practicing drills.

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I don't

like using the word "everything" when it comes to events like this. Mainly because it gives the normalcy bias ridden thumb suckers an opportunity to say "see you think everything's a conspiracy."

I don't think "everything" is a conspiracy. There are organic events and manufactured events. The important thing is when you see something that looks to be an obvious lie (such as DT sustained throat injuries from guns/shrapnel, to the extent he couldn't speak) and you don't speak out against it, then you are a coward. That's right....a coward.

The normalcy biased thumb suckers are part of the problem, not the ones who call attention to blatant lies and discrepancies. I for one have had enough. I will not cower to political correctness, even if it means discontinuing my relationship with this site.

If a hot piece of metal

If a hot piece of metal sliced through the side of your neck, you are saying it wouldn't damage the larynx? You need to stop trying to be right about everything, you look ignorant. Obnoxious conviction in delusions does not make one honorable.

My first comment was just about how you couldn't see the entire neck and about how the article linked misleading quotes his friend. True and true.


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You're some sort of psychotic

You're some sort of psychotic or something. Really. Where's the hot piece of metal through the larynx in the first pic? I mean nothing you're saying makes any sense, you have zero evidence to support it.

Ventura 2012

You're delusional

I was referencing the MBTA transit police SWAT team who arrested him who said the neck injury looked like a knife wound or shrapnel.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

You have none. Thanks for ruining the Daily Paul!

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Everyone knows he allegedly

Everyone knows he allegedly has a wound where " he can never talk again" NOW. The question is, WHEN did he get it? The picture proves that it was not prior to arrest, not via bullet or suicide attempt. Your point is a non-issue. Its amazing how passionate reactionaries are without even knowing what we're talking about.

Ventura 2012

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like some don't want to have an honest debate. I'd be willing to relent if I were shown somehow that the alleged injuries sustained, prevented him from talking.
This photo proves you wrong and you know it. (yeah, I'm talking to you)

Naked victims genuflect to

Naked victims genuflect to their murderers as they are run into pits full of their fellows and are shot in the head. This is what I see when reading your posts. You have no real sense of the evil that men are capable of. Your obsequious and apologist views make me physically ill.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Genuflect, nice word!

Genuflect, nice word! Actually I'm just trying to inject some critical thinking. I agree with more conclusions than it seems, I just disagree with the process that people are arriving at those conclusions.

In this case, I see no real convincing evidence and people are using an article from a tabloid magazine to argue certain points.

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People writing forensic

People writing forensic analysis papers are interested in how Dzhokar Tsarnaev obtained his massive throat wound, when clear non-photoshopped images moments before his arrest indicate no throat wound. You can't teach forensic analysis with this kind of inconsistency.

can't see his entire neck...

Hey let's ignore the fact you can only see half of his neck.

And let's spin his friend's statement that it wasn't him in the courtroom, which is not what he said at all.

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Does he look like he took a

Does he look like he took a bullt to the throat? Lol.

Ventura 2012

Double post!


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let's desperately grasp at straws and ignore that the FRONT of his neck (you know, the part that holds the vocal cords and other parts that give the ability to speak) is CLEARLY visible and has no blood or lacerations whatsoever.

Then let's deflect to some other irrelevant issue about a "friend's statement," when the issue at hand was that the STORY was told that he received injuries to his throat that left him unable to speak and having to write out his statements.

Nice try.

So what your saying is there

So what your saying is there wasn't two terrorists, there are dozens who happen to be State Police and other law enforcement officers who are protecting some black ops team.

The distorted report of the friend's statement was in the article you linked, if you even bothered to read it.

And perhaps he had a cut on his neck and smoke or chemical burns, what does it matter? He could still write the "truth" out on paper.

You guys are like Scobby Doo detectives...desperately trying to solve mysteries and looking quite foolish, while Alex Jones gets richer.

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that's NOT what "I'm saying." All that deflective BS is words you are trying to attribute to me.

Keep it simple here.

First they said he shot himself in the throat. Then it turned out that he had no gun. Then they said it was some sort of cut. The SWAT guy even illustrated on the RIGHT side of his neck where the injuries were. This photo contradicts that.

REGARDLESS, there is NOTHING in this photo that is consistent with an injury that would prevent someone from speaking. Even if the SWAT guy got it wrong and meant the LEFT side, he'd still have blood all over his neck and down his chest if he were sliced open. If it'd hit the jugular he wouldn't have made it 15 minutes before he bled out..

Dr. Kevin (Ilan) Tabb, president and CEO of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston told the Israeli website Ynet that Tsarnaev is in stable condition but that because of wounds to his throat , he may never be able to speak again."

Where's the injury to his "throat" in the picture I'm presenting?
Are you having trouble seeing his "throat?"
And, since you want to bring up the allegations that these guys committed the crime, then show some proof of it. Otherwise, you're the one who looks foolish, because I haven't seen anything convincing to date.

waste of time

So now the CEO of the hospital is involved in a conspiracy? Oh, he's Israeli, so obviously he probably planned it all.

The brothers were at the bombing site, they ran, carjacked people, killed people, shot at cops and he's hiding in a boat bloody but yeah maybe he is innocent.

Even in the 93 WTC attacks, the terrorists were terrorists despite the FBI's involvement. You have no evidence of anything other than to say "everything's a conspiracy!!!" every time something happens.

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I got nothin' once again, so I'm going to try and deflect and talk about Israelis etc..

Maybe if I parrot the official story some more with conviction, that'll add weight to my credibility after flailing around trying to explain the lack of a throat injury in the photo.

Then I'll throw out a few links about CS gas (which never proved anyone in the studies lost their voice permanently) and try to flail in that direction, because the "I can only see half his neck" attempt was an abysmal failure.

And for the coup de gras I'm going to try and label you a "everything's a conspiracy" guy, and reference the '93 WTC bombing where the FBI not only set the perpetrators up with LIVE EXPLOSIVES, they ALLOWED the bombing to happen, as an example.

Dude, you should have just downvoted this and not even attempted to explain away the lies that have been told here. I'll give you an A for effort though. At least you made an attempt (even though it was a miserable failure) rather than just downvoting from the shadows like the other cowards.

So why would the doctor lie?

So why would the doctor lie?

And why wouldn't they just shoot him dead if they were worried about what he'd say?

And yeah I know a bit more about WTC93 than you do I'm certain of that.

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