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List of important topics that are getting little to no attention and have nothing to do with Trayvon Martin

1.Liberty Candidates are running all across the country, but getting very little crucial early support from the grassroots.
2. Generals are currently deciding whether or not to use military force in Syria.
3. IRS scandal just reached an Obama political appointee.
4. Benghazi survivors have signed non-disclosure agreements.
5. Police threaten and use force on a regular basis, many times killing people or dogs for no reason without any media scrutiny.
6. Michael Hastings was killed, the facts surrounding the death are incredulous, and the only one still reporting on it in the MSM(a local reporter) was threatened. Nobody cares.
7. Bradley Manning is being tried for assisting the enemy.
8. Karen Hudes is a real person.
9. Boston Bombing suspect just plead not guilty. Friend was shot. Nobody cares about inconsistencies in official narrative.
10. NSA spying scandal is still going on.
11. Ben Swann is still trying to raise funds.
12. Smear campaign being waged against Rand Paul.
13. Everyday thousands of people are kept in poverty, imprisoned, and or killed directly or indirectly due to U.S. Foreign, economic, and criminal policy. The rich are making a killing thanks to monetary policy, the middle class is being wiped out thanks to protectionist policies, and no one seems to think there is a correlation to the steps our government has already taken and the mess we are in.
14. President Carter is my favorite president since the take over of our government by the banking cartel.
15. Egypt is all over the map.
16. Bipartisan support for DHS power grabbing immigration bill. E-verify and National ID card hasn't gotten attention from anyone except Ron Paul people.
17. Nullification laws at the state level abound.
18. There is still a war going on in Afghanistan.

The media keeps on running stories that have nothing to do with any of this, the smear campaign against Obama ended as soon as we started sending guns to Syria overtly, and some crazy, inconsequential, and frankly bullshit story has thrown even the daily Paul of the scent.

The powers that be are figuring out how to play against us. Do you guys not think that there are think tanks figuring out the best way to distract not only loyal Cable subscribers, but all of us?

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sorry to disappoint. I wish

sorry to disappoint.

I wish you good luck though...may you succeed where all others before you have miserably failed :]

I agree with stonewall and emalvini...

The folks that wrote our constitution were elected. If we are ever going to break free of this bondage, we need to elect people who want to.

How else are we going to defeat the central bankers agenda?



"How else are we going to defeat the central bankers agenda" organize, get involved in a local political campaign, you will meet the best, and most active Patriots in the country.

all the great victory's, political, and military, had one thing in common, they were one by people who were ACTIVE in the real world, not just online.

Win lose or draw, every Political Race is a victory if you meet like minded people, no army can stop an idea whose time has come.

How else?

I'm sorry but it's simple minded to think we can elect anyone good while under this level of corrupt control. I was chairman of a largish county in Nebraska where we THOUGHT we had about even odds of getting things to go our way. Then we got the spotlight thrown on us which we THOUGHT added momentum. We got one delegate and laughed at. You can't fight that level of corruption. I learned of so much new style ways that we had been set up to fall, had we made even numerous higher levels of success, that I simply resigned to different tactics.

We have to go after the banks first. Period. (Not to mention, it's much easier!)

How on earth do we fight the banks?

Without electing politicians who are willing to fight the banks?

Who will do it if not the people in power?

The only way is to put other people in power.


How do you put any company out of business?

The answer is that you stop buying their crap. In the case of banks, people simply don't realize that WE DON'T NEED ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS and even more relevant than that is that THE BANKS ARE SO LEVERAGED THAT A COUPLE PERCENT OF SUSTAINED DROP IN THEIR STOCK IS A DEATH SPIRAL FOR THEM. It's that simple.

On top of that, when they lose the first chunk of financial power, that drops their power in politics to fight back.

Think of it this way: We currently pay nearly 1/3rd of our lifetime income to banks in one way or another. Shut down those theft channels and just a tiny percent drop and they're going under. No politics needed. No war, movement, mass awareness or even riots in the streets. Just saving ourselves from wasting money.


...Electing our leaders in order for representation is still important. But that doesn't come without education and informing the people of the biggest scam in history, which is the central bank's control over our money. And, we don't need a majority as you say, only a small irate, tireless minority.
There are alternative ways, and what you have stated can be accomplished.

You are right and I second the importance of keeping our focus and attention on the real culprit... which is the Federal Reserve System and it's control and issuance of our monetary unit.

Truly, nothing is more important, and most things should be secondary.

That is not to say that these other things are not of concern, BUT, solving our monetary issue will truly make these things MUCH easier to accomplish. It is because of the power to create money at will, that allows for our leaders to continue their shenanigans and have the vast amount of control that they now attain. It is because of their power to create money that allows for the wars, their control of information, and all of the other various things that have been so debated about.

Take away the power to issue our monetary unit, and ALL else is much easier to accomplish.

As tamckissick has pointed out, we DO NOT need their product, and NOT USING IT will be detrimental to their power.

END THE LEGAL TENDER LAWS, and the Federal Reserve System will self-destruct, and we can accomplish what tamckissick is saying, much easier.

Ending the legal tender laws should be of upmost concern, and is paramount for the success of Liberty. Do not forget that.

Keep your eye on the prize! - Ending legal tender laws in order for the Federal Reserve System to self-destruct is of the upmost importance.
What in the World are They Spraying https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf0khstYDLA

OK Fair enough

You're absolutely right. However, we do need to change minds. It takes a while to come to that conclusion.

Most people aren't ready to embrace it.

And if you simply embrace it without helping along others who are going through the same transformation at an earlier stage, they may never be exposed to that reality.

Those who are most likely to change are those who are hungriest for it. Its easier to wake up someone who fights for political change than someone who spends 90% of their day playing world of Warcraft.

Getting information out there is most important. Governments reflect the predominant ideas of a society. How do you want to change peoples minds, by simply saying "you are q slave" or by saying "this is the Bull$hit narrative your masters are force feeding you?"


The piece you're missing is that we DON'T have to wake anyone up

People didn't wake up to the benefits of corruption and change their lives to allow banks to take over. It happened behind their backs. Why do they 'have to' do so to change it back? We're simply wasting time and resources by going down this path.

Why can't we simply use the same propaganda, commercialism and 'keep up with Jones'es' tactics that the banks used. We can make shiny new products that attract people for these same materialistic reasons but when purchasing them, those people rob a little profit from those banks. Then collectively, the banks lose more with each purchase.

For example, if we were to offer private group pool insurance which focused on preventative, rather than corrective medicine, how many of those customers would waste money on the old system? How many would stand for Obamacare? Of the people who hadn't bought into it, how many would investigate why their neighbor only pays $50/month and lives so much better? How many would come begging to sign up? ...and finally, how long would the current insurance industry survive?

Same with clothes... What if 'we' (a small organized and focused group) offered clothes that were better in every way, lasted longer and cost less while putting good people to work? What if others found out those clothes were made of sustainable, naturally grown, less water dependent hemp and dyed with organic colors? What if the countries that allowed that crop were suddenly major export winners? How long before Americans would be beating down Congress's door to get it legalized here?

What if we then took these success stories and promoted a free, mesh based, wireless internet that was more private, robust and faster but which didn't even require any extra cost for people in large cities? What if even old, outdated and unused phones not on any service plan could become part of this new network all for the effort of a simple download? What if the majority of data traveling on such a system was 100% secure and private, simply because it only traveled from one phone directly to their neighbor because there was no longer any central authority? How long would it take for the majority to adopt this system and put carriers AND THE NSA PEEKERS out of business?

All of this is possible now and much of it is being used. It's actually been available for quite some time. And we can support and grow it with no interference from the government or banks or mega-corporations. In fact, this abridged list is the tip of the iceberg.

**Read this repeatedly**
Pretty much every single 'need' and most 'wants' can be given to the people nearly free or less than they're paying now if some small group wanted to stay focused on this task. This is not speculation. All these products exist and are fighting their way to non-indebted financing as you read this. Work on them has been quietly underway for a long time and the reason you haven't heard about them is to avoid their corruption and take-over.

With the viral nature of info these days and the distributed nature of 21st Century automation capacity we possess, in less than 10 years, we could completely move to this world and dramatically change the world. In 5 years or less, we could make enough progress that today's finance structure couldn't even survive.

So, my question becomes this: If all this happened, and by simply trying to save themselves money, the people became self sufficient, local based, non-polluting, resource miserly and took full advantage of technological advancements themselves and the result was the root problem banks died off, how could the current corrupt power structure ever manage to stay in power? Would this not become a self feeding loop, leading people in the right direction without waking them up? Would this path not be a better use of our limited resources than yelling 'tyranny!' from a mountain top?

States Rights Is What's All About - Keep The Faith

Abolish The Federal Government and Start Over!!

We don't have to secede.

1. States impose term limits on their U.S. reps.
2. States make their recall process easier so that U.S. reps can be replaced at the whim of the people.
3. States require local governments to get approval from their residents before applying for/accepting outside funds and physical assets such as DHS/DOD.
4. States officially resolve that they are sovereign under the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the final determiners of constitutionality of federal activities.

If we can get our states to do these things, and then amend the U.S. Constitution to repeal the 17th and declare #4 on the list, then we'll have some real footing.

These things are easily achievable, if we all just bombard our state reps with this tiny list relentlessly until they act on them, don't you think?

Let the progressives secede. This is our country. Peace. :-)


That's why I listed it as the

That's why I listed it as the last option, here in Texas there is a lot of talk about it right now though, we need better state reps

Carter and Reagan

Carter and Reagan were both men who believed and then actually tried to be real presidents of the Republic. Both were stopped in their tracks by the shadow government. It was easier for them to use soft power such as public opinion against Carter. Reagan was better at circumventing that ie. "There you go again". They ultimately used hard power also to control Reagan. I think Reagan came the closest, but ultimately it didn't matter and he couldn't do much in terms of changing major policies.

This is good reading:

Carter's Crisis of Confidence Speech

It's what carter is doing now...

In the way of exposing the corruption that has me so happy with him.



Its very refreshing.

(( seamusin ))

Please put Stonewall Jackson's Number 17 as Number 1, and please bold it. Without local/state, as the Constitution defines, there is nothing.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

THIS: The Most Important Thing

The entire case is being managed at the highest levels of government and corporate power as a massive psy-op: DISTRACTION

Most of the regulars on this board *know* this.

As do a much larger percentage of the population than ever before - even those who do not articulate it out loud, even to themselves - *know* there is something inherently wrong with blanketing the entire media with ONE STORY ...

In this latest case - "Zimmerman vs Martin" - a story that, to anyone who bothers to look closely at it for more than even an instant - is not nothing particularly that epic about race relations, OR justice in America. There are hundreds of cases every year that would be FAR more worthy of attention on a national level but are ignored ..

But even then, assuming the case is actually important enough on a national or historic level:

24/7 days a week blanket coverage!? Right during Snowden / NSA / Greenwald, IRS profiling, Bengazi, US Supporting Al-Queda in Syria etc etc etc!?!

C'mon, people. Really? They do this over and over and over again.

Steal and murder with one hand --> Distract with the other.

Keep anchored to reality. Reality is on that list.

And there will always be a list like it.

Thanks for Preaching Truth Brother!

Lets Blow this F$#*ing thing wide Open!!!




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Rand Paul 2016


Everything that you listed is of utmost importance, as well as the martin ordeal. The martin ordeal is an attempt to set precedence concerning double jeopardy, to further erode the Constitution.

tptb are not stupid. Neither are we.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Number 17

17. Liberty Candidates are running all across the country, but getting very little crucial early support from the grassroots.

This should not be Number 17

It should be Number 1.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


Me too.

But hey, we are Liberty. We don't need a mob lol

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Local Liberty Mobs, like

Local Liberty Mobs, like silver bullets are really cool Please,! let me know if you find any

I agree, i also think that

I agree, i also think that the more they do it, the bigger the imunnity to bullshit gets, hopefully its just a matter of people getting their on their own time, even i must admit a bit of "interference in the signal"

A big thankyou for surmising

A big thankyou for surmising the stories that have appeared over the last few weeks, putting them on a list like this is really truelly helpfull. Thankyou

Bookmarked and bump!



Free includes debt-free!