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Spiegel: Greenwald Says 'Explosive' NSA Spying Reports Are Imminent

'He told host Reinhold Beckmann that he and journalist Laura Poitras had obtained full sets of the documents during a trip to Hong Kong, with around 9,000 to 10,000 top secret documents in total'.

Are new revelations from the NSA data trove going to drop in the next few days? Speaking on a political talk show on German public broadcaster ARD on Thursday night, Glenn Greenwald said he expected stories to appear in the coming days that would be even "more explosive" in Germany than reports previously published about cooperation between the National Security Agency and German intelligence authorities.


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Greenwald is such a

Greenwald is such a Donald.

Get it over with and spill the beans. At this rate we'll see all 10,000 pages by the year 5252.

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greenwald is very political..

I am so burnt on the societal penchant for blockbusters that its a bum ..I have little faith that the entire snowden scene is worth advancing for its promise to awaken is already "half past dead"..

German election coming up

US spying is becoming a big issue.

Oh My Is It Ever

I was just in Germany for two weeks. Every cab driver and their mother was seriously ticked off at Obama about the NSA scandal. They called it "scanning" over there, not eavesdropping, monitoring or spying. The Germans were pissed, believe me.


your state is taking over where NSA is leaving off.

Thanks for the snowjob SPIGOT.. keep the eye on the snow while you get enslaved by your state.

If he were in the USA

His Mercedes would have had a throttle malfunction as well as a gas tank malfunction similtaniously. What are the odds.

A quick cremation and wala we got ameican justice to a reporter. I do hope he has already put these docs into a multiple source action that will auto release if somthing were to occur, like a sudden heart attack while walking back from the local bar.

Never thought it would come to these times, and it aint even really started yet.


The Odds are High

The odds are very high that the impossible odds you mention somehow become true regarding his life expectancy.

New false flags will happen

New false flags will happen any day now. Remember to lift the screens in your windows and turn your phone cameras sideways to capture video of the events for proper presentation on Youtube.

Two truths

Two truths I'd like to see come out are how they "hacked" the voting machines to have rigged primaries/elections, and how they fabricated the war on terror, so they could hijack the Constitution.
Out of the 10,000 pages there's got to be some good info there, I wish Glenn would just let it all out at one time, instead of this "trickle" down...little by little...this just give those in power (Corporate USA), and MSM time to fabricate more BS.

some deal has been crafted..

as it stands now snowden is fast becoming irrelevant .. the info he gave to the 2 journalists >>> irrelevant .. what folks want is a bombshell ..ain't gonna be ..

Is this guy going to make a career out of "coming soon"?

He's beginning to remind me of Lindsey Williams. The only difference is Williams eventually actually says something. How much hype can possibly add up before anything of any actual substance is divulged?

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I hope Greenwald has large number of copies

to large number of journalist around the world in case of "accident" or assassination.


Exactly, Mr. Greenwald...watch your back to the best of your capability. Too many recent casualties like Michael Hastings, Breitbart, Aaron Swartz. Not to mention possibility of ending up chained in a dank ant-infested dungeon cell like Bradley Manning or in Guantanamo, the way they used to use torture chambers in medieval Europe.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

You know, i just had a

You know, i just had a thought....if you bring it back down to the basics, to its technicalities, the most accurte term for the victims of NSA would be "internet" users......i dont think for one minute that they have not noticed a rise in resistence with the common theme being the internet......it threatens the very foundation of their hold to "absolute" power, does it not........what if, yet again, terrorists is just ANOTHER term used to hide a true motive......im not saying i know that to be the case, i just really think that tyranical governments with enough sense, SHOULD be afraid, just for the possibility, it should be obvious the kind of power instant communication between individuals can be, if you cant "edit" it, or in this case, i believe the goal is subtle threat of force, just to ease the people in, then drop the subtle, when everyones been condition appropriatly

To Glenn Greenwald---could this just wait until Edward Snowden

Gets his TEMPORARY ASYLUM, please?

Which is exactly the reason

Which is exactly the reason for this nonsense - http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2012/07/06/execut...

I don't want my government

I don't want my government violating my Constitutional rights and committing criminal acts to keep me a few basis points safer. I'd rather be a few basis points less safe while at the same time, feeling much safer from my government employees.

Related - NSA phone snooping

Related - NSA phone snooping cannot be challenged in Court


NSA: Oh, for *redacted* sake

NSA: Oh, for *redacted* sake

☮Someday they'll give a war and nobody will come. -- Carl Sandburg

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To Legalizeliberty

True, but then, the "occupation" sadly......will be.....at home.

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This is one case where more IS better.

Hopefully, this information will bring down this entire corrupt government.

How often does the NSA spy on

How often does the NSA spy on American scientists and professors and steal their data, code, and results?

How often do they steal the data and results and file their secret patents with the USPTO:?



SOOOOO, many possibilities for misuse, due to the very nature of this new technology.......and it IS new, its not even a generation old yet, and look at what they are trying to do to it already

The internet is its own, by its very nature it cant flourish without MANY users, it is as big as it is today, because PEOPLE made it big, NOT governments, WE are the internet, WE made the internet, and by good "i will not lie down and say nothing" when government comes a'calling for its demise, either through ignorance, knowledge or malice

Thank you

Sharing on Twitter.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I was just thinking of the

I was just thinking of the nsa a scandel, and i got a question for congress/senate to ask, assuming theres anyone there fighting for its peoples privacy

"Does the NSA have the capability to capture password data, whether encrypted or not?"

I know its random, but i just want to see a gazzilion yes/no, RELEVANT , questions being asked at this stage, to offset the complete lack of official ANSWERS

Edit: fire them off, dont give them a chance to "sweeten the response"......clarify, and give them time if they ask for it, im not asking to pressure them into innocently made responses, just a look on their face, you know the look....the "you fucked up,", look!......followed by the, unnerved, perhaps, nervous reaction afterwards

is VPN the answer? or something like it

I have hope there will be a solution to the ability to snoop at will

i think it needs to go beyond

i think it needs to go beyond that, although, with security, where the mentality of spy agencies are hit the majority, and that might mean, targets with alot of users, to be more effective, but harder to gather ALL info, on the hundreds of different techs out there......in that scenario, i'd say something is better then nothing

Then ofcourse, they could be STORING, everything, somehow, which in that case, were boned, unless we get devs who are liberty orientated, earn money, ok, free market, fair enough, but not at the sacrifice of not providing anyone and everyone the capability to circumvent and hopefully shutdown prism and all other like programs.......OURSELVES, i would LOOOOVE that scenario......MIDDLE FINGER plus WE KNOW FOR SURE......well not us, but devs we learn to trust to look out for we the people.......


They are currently capturing password data and it is easy for them to accomplish.

An NSA analyst can easily sign in anywhere to anything as anyone so the ability for an analyst to impersonate somebody else is at their finger tips.

In addition to passive 'listening in' type stuff, the ability for them to use that data (steal identities and wrongly impersonate people) is a great danger and source of potentially endless confusion.

Its the information war equivalent of a nuclear weapon. Even if we defunded the NSA right now, the technology and know-how already exist so the operation would go rogue and continue since there is too much to be gained. Its another evil genie that will never be put back in the lamp.

That's a revelation

Doesn't the login need to be decrypted if sent via https? Would that not at least slow them down?

The potential liability, and potential for evil, in secret, unauthorized access to such vast personal data confounds the imagination. Whoever sent us all down this road has a brain full of rocks.

And anyone who says "Snowden is a traitor" is thick as a post. Dumb. Pandora dumb.