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Spiegel: Greenwald Says 'Explosive' NSA Spying Reports Are Imminent

'He told host Reinhold Beckmann that he and journalist Laura Poitras had obtained full sets of the documents during a trip to Hong Kong, with around 9,000 to 10,000 top secret documents in total'.

Are new revelations from the NSA data trove going to drop in the next few days? Speaking on a political talk show on German public broadcaster ARD on Thursday night, Glenn Greenwald said he expected stories to appear in the coming days that would be even "more explosive" in Germany than reports previously published about cooperation between the National Security Agency and German intelligence authorities.


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i think technology can find a

i think technology can find a way to make prism obsolete, as long as programmers get enough information on how prism and other programs of the like functions, hell, we might be "thanking" nsa in a ouple of years for bringing a whole new level of security to the internet, where there was seen no major need to in the past, barring the odd hack or two from unscroupelous individuals

It isn't just technology, but

It isn't just technology, but cooperation from companies that hold password data, under govt threat. A private company or foreign govt wouldn't as easily gain those footholds.


Some of the largest publicly traded corporations are actively cooperating with NSA because they are benefiting from it. Using the NSA for this is great from their perspective because it is done secretly and under the color of law. If it were privatized completely, it would be open to investigation and prosecution.

your absolutely right, what

your absolutely right, what our governements SHOULD have been doing is at this point, is "educating" the companies on its behaviour, which you so helpfully brought attention too........NOT JUSTIFYING THEIR ACTIONS BY BEING JUST AS BAD

ANY reprimand and accountability that may come from the prism fiasco, NEEDS to "trickle" down, (or is that up), to any and ALL companies

Economy - Free Market
Government - FULL transparency
Internet - Open Source

Good point

The good Dr. is still right in his assertion that the solution to our problems is adherence to the Constitution. Without secret courts and gag orders, the market is a regulator of information privacy. The secret government activity is the successful implementation of Poindexter's Total Information Awareness, where government restraints are bypassed by using private data. If they are collecting it all on government servers, they can be prosecuted how?