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Rand Paul: Obama Will Bail Out Detroit 'Over My Dead Body'

by MATTHEW BOYLE 19 Jul 2013 | Breitbart

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said he will use every resource he has at his disposal to stop President Barack Obama from bailing out newly-bankrupt Detroit because he believes the city can and must save itself and learn from its fiscal mistakes. "I basically say he [Obama] is bailing them out over my dead body because we don’t have any money in Washington.”

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too bad he can't offer

too bad he can't offer substantial suggestions rather than bluster and false bravado.

He did offer suggestions

“There’s some good things that come out of bankruptcy,” Paul said in a phone interview from Iowa. “One is you get to start over. Bankruptcy lets you be forgiven of your debt. And you do so by getting new management, better management, and by getting rid of unwieldy contracts, contracts that give you where public employees are getting paid twice what private employees are and things come back more to normal. That’s the way cities and businesses can recover."

There are NO other federal government suggestions or help needed or available. ALL federal government interactions come with strings attached, and from tax dollars.

Detroit just needs to deal with their problem, though I believe it's likely they will sell what's left of their soul for government assistance.

Just open the box and see

Here ya go OP.....

Debbie's picture

Go, Rand!

Stand with Rand.


A judge today halted the bankruptcy

ruling it is unconstitutional. The union's are screaming about their pensions. The judge sent a copy of her ruling to Obama.

Ha! In this case, I will settle for

"Obama will bail out Detroit over my full Stadium Buddy."

"All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind." - Khalil Gibran
"The Perfect Man has no self; the Holy Man has no merit; the Sage has no fame." - Chuang Tzu

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Obama has already ordered assassinations on U.S. citizens.

Rand shouldn't give Obama any ideas about being the first president to order the official killing of a U.S. Senator for reasons of national security. Obama would love to order Rand's elimination. Why prompt Obama to do this?

lindalsalisbury's picture


RFK probably holds the "first" position on the killing of a US Senator, at least, in recent history.

There is no need to "bail them out" make Detroit the great city

It could be, maybe one of the greatest cities in the western hemisphere.
I have a thought, why not free Detroit to become a libertarian city? Maybe on the order of what Hong Kong was, free and independent from the mainland USA. A free international city, based on libertarian principals. A Tax free enterprise zone, no immigration restrictions, no minimum wage laws, no wealth transfers, no entitlements, very limited regulations and only basic taxing for the essentials. All the fundamentals are in place, an international airport, infrastructure, and its located on the border with access to the great lakes shipping. IMHO that city would attract hundreds of billions in international revenue and would explode economically.

Would be an awesome experiment! GO TIGERS!

The key (and challenge) would be keeping the asshole criminal federal government out of it... the punk gangsters would demand a HUGE cut of the monies generated... and who knows what else?

(3-1 Detroit over Kansas City in the third)

What would the Founders do?

The Free Detroit Initiative

It would be the ideal way to repatriate the 3 trillion dollars laying off shore, the key would be to bring in the right businesses and people. Detroit could have a lot to offer to people willing to get a shot at building a business and home ownership. My suggestion would be to split it off as a sovereign city-state, free and independent from the federal government under a 99 year lease, like the Brits did with Hong Kong. It would be a bold experiment, but could it get any worse than it is?

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Property there goes for dirt cheap...

As little as a couple grand, or even much less. The problem is that the neighborhoods have fallen into chaos, crime, and poverty.

This in no small part has to do with the socialistic policies implemented from the state.

In order to do something like this, you would need at least a 10-15 person starter community. In other words, find 10-15 libertarians that are willing to go along with the idea, find a neighborhood that all can purchase a single property each in and is otherwise mostly abandoned. Grow it from there.

Great things start small.

I have a reason to want a footprint in Detroit, so if you take ownership and do something with it, let me know and I will support you. Especially if I know the neighborhood is maintained by libertarians while I am away... :)

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

I regret...

that I have but one plus to give you, good sir. Marvelous idea, to try it and see what happens.

What Rand Paul Should Have Said!

We US Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky should have said. Over my dead body will Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky end up like Detroit.

Yayyyyy, counterfeit more

Yayyyyy, counterfeit even more dollars, devalue it in the process, while keeping goods and services at the same price, or if your really lucky, raise them a little


Juggle the books a little to make it look like the

Juggle the books a little to make it look like the FALSE national debt is staying steady at a mear 17 TRILLION. Crying that we have to choke the oposition out of the money because of the SEQUESTER while simply continuing the Rothschild Counterfeit central bank financial collapse scam.

Know this the evil ones at the top do not need money. They do not need power or control. They have these things by nature of the counterfeit money creation in their central bank corporations.

So exactly why?

I say its a fear of being held accountable. Like a liar that tells one lie then has to continously tell multiple lies to cover the first lie.

Meybe its time to out them by individual name and create a truth and reconsiliation type of path out for them.

Can a family be multigenerational megla maniacs? Is that even possible?

So we are in the third cycle of a counterfeit false compounding national debts scam. Each cycle is forced to the point of spiraling false national debts that create and motivate a genocidal war. Both ww1 and 2 were Rothschild central bank false nationl debt cycles that culminated in genocides they call war.

Can humanity continue to accept this criminal ponzi scheme? Will this cycle result in the extinction of humanity and how many other species?

One man (or woman) makes change. Leaderless change. Enlightened disengagement.


BO was told to protect the

BO was told to protect the bankster class, make sure Detroit's creditors get paid, and keep the people of that city on the hook for the money. Suck it BO.

Of course Obama is thinking of bailing out Detroit

Most Detroit creditors are unions. The second Kevyn Orr leaves this town, any money given by the US government will be out of the city by means of the corrupts' pockets.

Great! But why doesn't he say

Great! But why doesn't he say the same thing about aid to the apartheid state of Israel, whose Mossad was involved with 9/11?

Good For Rand

I like for him just went back to normal. He really screwed up on the anti-marijuana rant though.

I'm not a pot smoker but I am for hemp.



This is a perfect reasonable,

This is a perfect reasonable, nay, responsible position.

But watch Rand Paul get called a RACIST for this. It's guaranteed.

Bold Statement But So True...We Are Broke!