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Colorado, Relief 4 Possession, We The People, Make It Right!

Make It Right!!, Put The Nail In The Coffin Of Prohibition, Spread to Everyone in Colorado and Please Donate If YOU CAN or when YOU Can!! http://relief4possession.webs.com/

The Line in The Sand Has Been DRAWN!!!!

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blimp and vote up please.

blimp and vote up please. LIBERTY!!!!

Ron Paul 2016



Ron Paul 2016



so dp understands the issue

so dp understands the issue at hand, Marijuana medical or personal is legal in Colorado!!!! There are some counties,towns or areas. That are still fining folks haressing folks for doing something perfectly legal on their own property.

This bill removes all fines to stop certain folks from ignoring the colorado constitution. Counties or Towns still have the right to vote up or down if they want retail or not andstill have the right to regulate public areas.

There seems to be some folks advocating for a drug war and ignoring the intent and wishes of the Colorado People!!

hopefully Rand Paul understands what side of the fence he needs to be on to WIN!!

Ron Paul 2016

Truth is on our side

I find it absolutely criminal that such actions are required to establish our rights to use nature's gifts. The truth about cannabis is wholly beautiful and awesome. It is awe inspiring once you dig and find it for yourself. Cannabis is a powerful plant like we have never known. To think that some group of people have the power of the state to wield against those who use this substance is an absurdity beyond belief.

If you are uninformed on the matter just google: list of cannabis studies. Grass city forums has a most excellent compilation of hundreds of studies regarding this fine herb. Look into it for yourself!

blimp our majority voter base

blimp our majority voter base is coming and we are taking names on election day!

Ron Paul 2016