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A Note on Rolling Stone Covers

I used to subscribe to Rolling Stone, but over time I began to be turned away by the glaring bias toward central planning and government solutions. As I further developed my libertarian philosophy, it became downright unreadable.

But apparently there are still many people out there who find Rolling Stone relevant, and they are pissed about a recent cover of the magazine which features accused Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. These people are outraged that Rolling Stone would portray the person accused of this horrific crime in what many might see as a glamorous manner.

Of course, Dshokhar Tsarnaev is only accused of planning and executing the Boston bombing attacks, despite the cover of the trendy magazine proclaiming him in big bold letters as “The Bomber.”

Meanwhile, Rolling Stone has featured a confessed bomber on its covers multiple times in the last several years. President Barack Obama – who admittedly operates a “secret kill list” and routinely authorizes drone strikes that have killed scores of innocent men, women and children – has appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone a whopping eight times! He even set a record by appearing on three covers in a seven month period, a feat only matched by Beatles icon John Lennon!

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do people

Still read magazines. Obviously they exist online, really how big can the audience be?

I think

I think my 70 year old dad subscribes to a couple. Fairly confident Rolling Stone is not one of them.

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