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Meet the possible replacement for Janet Napolitano: Loretta Sanchez

Not only is Loretta Sanchez a tyrant and hypocrite, but she is also annoying (her voice) and she has the IQ of a rock, which makes her an obvious puppet in this position.




Full cspan interview:


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I Remember When Sanchez Defeated Bob Doran. It Was Significant

If memory serves me well Loretta Sanchez defeated former congressman 'B-1' Bob Dornan. He was a 6 time representative from Southern California's Orange County's 46th congressional district. The 46th district was gerrymandered allowing a high number of liberal latino voters to elect Loretta Sanchez..

Loretta Sanchez (born January 7, 1960) is the U.S. Representative for ... She joined the United Food and Commercial Workers when she worked as an ice ... Sanchez describes herself as growing up a "shy, quiet girl" who did not speak English. .... in the 46th District against six-term Republican incumbent Bob Dornan.


Sanchez was born in California and graduated from Katella High School in Anaheim in 1978. Her father was a unionized machinist and her mother worked as a secretary.[citation needed] Her Mexican immigrant parents had seven children.[2] She joined the United Food and Commercial Workers when she worked as an ice cream server in high school, and received a union scholarship to college. She received her undergraduate degree from Chapman College in Orange in 1982, obtained her MBA from American University in Washington, DC in 1984, and was a financial analyst until entering the House. Sanchez describes herself as growing up a "shy, quiet girl" who did not speak English. She credits government with much of her success in public life.[3]

In 1994, Sanchez ran unsuccessfully for the Anaheim City Council under her then married name, Loretta Brixey.

In 1996, Sanchez ran as a moderate Democrat in the 46th District against six-term Republican incumbent Bob Dornan. The bitterly fought race saw Sanchez charge that Dornan was out of touch with his constituency, especially after a distracting run for the 1996 Republican Presidential nomination. The 46th had always had a Democratic tilt, but became even more Democratic after the 1990 census when it received a considerably larger number of Hispanics than had previously been in the district. Sanchez won by 984 votes, and Dornan contested the election, alleging that many votes were cast by people who were not American citizens. A Congressional investigation found evidence that 624 votes were indeed cast by non-citizens. An additional 124 votes had already been thrown out by California officials. These votes were not enough to throw Sanchez's victory into doubt, so the investigation was halted and the outcome was upheld by a Republican-controlled Congress,[22] making Sanchez the first American of Mexican heritage to represent Orange County in Congress. Dornan continues to assert that illegal voter registration of non-citizens was decisive in Sanchez's victory. In consultation with the INS, the House committee identified as many as 4,700 questionable registration affidavits;[23] but the probe was dropped before these affidavits could be investigated. As Article I Section V of the Constitution of the United States provides that "Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members" the investigation was without binding authority.[24]

1998 through 2008[edit]
In a 1998 rematch, she heavily defeated Dornan and has not faced serious opposition since. Her district was renumbered the 47th District after the 2000 census. During that redistricting process, Sanchez hired lobbyist Michael S. Berman, brother of California Democratic Congressman Howard Berman,for "redistricting consulting" on her behalf. She paid Berman $20,000 for his work.[25]
In 2006, she defeated Tan D. Nguyen (R) with 62% of the vote.

2003 Gubernatorial recall election[edit]
During California's Gubernatorial recall campaign, Sanchez was one of the first Democrats to break from Governor Gray Davis and state that a Democrat should run to succeed Davis in case the recall measure passed. Though she recommended that the Democratic candidate be California’s Senior Senator Dianne Feinstein, Sanchez stated that if no other serious Democratic contender stepped forward, she would be willing to run herself. Many California Democrats ultimately adopted Sanchez’s position, paving the way for Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante to enter the race.[citation needed]

I can tell you from living in Anaheim, one of her districts

that since she has been in office, these areas have went from middle class working families, to an illegal immigrant haven. Even legal immigrants and most middle class residents have moved out to other nice areas cause the economy has taken a dump and the housing market sucks. Her and the Anaheim Mayor have destroyed Anaheim.

to me it's more her

manner of speaking that is irritating and gives the impression of a lack of intelligence. Also, I hate when people have hair over their eyes...very hard to communicate with someone who has half their face covered up with bangs.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

Based on these clips, in particular the CSPAN interview,

I do not find her that bad. I dont have any other experience or knowledge of her, but in my view she does not make a terrible impression in this interview--except that she supports "current law" too much and tows the government line that Snowden is not a whistle blower. She makes it clear, however, that she personally does not agree with these laws entirely, but she still states he is technically not a whistle blower.

But "legal" or not, the US government's activities are immoral, unconstitutional and totally undemocratic. Therefore, Snowden certainly is a whistle blower. It is too bad Sanchez cannot bring herself to fully acknowledge this and it smacks of CYA behavior and obvious kowtowing to powerful senior Congresswoman Diane Feinstein (at least Sanchez makes it clear that she agrees with Feinstein because Feinstein is the senior Senator from her state). And she really also makes it clear how LITTLE power our representatives really have. They cannot even require disclosure of programs they are supposed to be overseeing in written form.

The only good thing about her...

..is she is NOT B1 Bob. Dornan deserved to lose his seat, but unfortunately, we all now suffer for his sins.

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West of 89
a novel of another america

mind numbing...

like chewing glass....

I don't think so

Chewing glass isn't that bad.

Can't stand

the way she talks. Very aggravating. Like you want to hit her in the back so she just spits it out! Ugh!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

turned it off after 15 seconds on the first link

This woman is so obviously being careful. She does not speak from the heart.

Ron Paul speaks from the heart.

Yeah. Zero gravitas, competence. Political hack

through and through.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

formerly known as Loretta Brixey, Republican

Why did Loretta Sanchez change her name from "Brixey" and dye her hair dark before running for Congress?


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